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FaitH: Renaissance released - Play for Free!

Montreal, Canada - May 7, 2006 - FaitH is back and better than ever with the release of FaitH: Renaissance - the much anticipated first expansion pack for FaitH.

Renaissance is more than a standard expansion pack. It is a total reimagining of FaitH. Some call it FaitH 1.5, others call it FaitH 2. We call it Good Stuff. Some dramatic changes took place. Amongst them:

Both servers (RPG and Battle) are now merged into 1.

An Era now last exactly 2 months and will get auto reset by the system the 1st of every 2 months.

A Battle Calculator is now available in the War Room.

Everyone can easily play 2 characters on the same server via the Hub!

Smaller 8 players Kingdoms.

Completely redesigned and easier to read Battle Reports. Less texts, more icons.

New spells, Operations and Items.

New Children of Targars Kidnaping system.

And many, many other dramatic changes!

The complete list of changes and upgrades are so extensive that they take over 5 pages long to list.

They are listed here: http://www.dragonclawstudio.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=410

Players can try the Premium version of FaitH: Renaissance for free by signing up at this address:


About The Dragon Claw Studio

Based in Montreal, Canada, The Dragon Claw Studio (http://www.dragonclawstudio.com) was established in 2002 when it launched FaitH, its first game. Since then, FaitH has become a cult classic, which is only natural since the game's theme is Religion. DCS is now on the verge of launching a diverse portfolio of online products to accompany FaitH.

About FaitH
FaitH (http://www.dragonclawstudio.com/faith) is a unique online game, requiring a mere 15 minutes a day to play. It is a unique strategy game that requires teamwork for success. Its highly graphic interface makes it easy to use, while its emphasis on community makes it incredibly fun to play.

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