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Now on the iPad too, with promo codes available.

PROMO CODES for our new iPad game are now available -- see details at the end of this mail.

After over three million downloads on Apple's iPhone and iPod touch, FaceFighter punches it's way onto Apple's new iPad with FaceFighter HD Face2Face from Appy Entertainment.

This deluxe version of FaceFighter is optimized for iPad and includes our all-new Face2Face mode, where two players square off on one iPad for furious head-to-head combat!

FaceFighter is the fighting game where YOUR FRIENDS are your foes. FaceFighter bouts are as simple as a three-punch boxing combo:

1) Get a picture.

2) Drop your foe’s face on top of a body.


FaceFighter Face2Face is loaded with kung foolery:

Seven fighters, including the angst-ridden gothic teen vampire Deadward, washed-up glam rock star Rikki Dixx, and the sinister Enemy Mime. Plus, players can make unlimited custom foes from photographs of their friends and family, as well as public figures. If it has a face, they can fight it!

Eight Legendary Fury weapon attacks -- rubber chickens, frying pans, ukuleles and more.

Eight Immortal Judgment finishing moves -- dispatch opponents with wildebeest stampede, UFO abductions, lightning strikes, and all sorts of surprising silliness!

Click HERE for the iTunes App Store listing for FaceFighter HD Face2Face. Click HERE to visit the game's web page.

A limited supply of PROMO CODES are available for review consideration. Promo Codes are valid only on the U.S. App Store. Contact Paul O'Connor at Appy Entertainment ( paul@appyentertainment.com) with your promo code requests. Screen shots, videos, and other assets are also available upon request.

Thanks for your time! We hope you will enjoy FaceFighter HD Face2Face!


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