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Facebook features detailed for PS3

Sony explains integration in forthcoming 3.10 firmware update

Users will be able to update Trophy and PlayStation Store activity instantly in Facebook, in the forthcoming PlayStation 3 firmware update, according to new details revealed by Sony.

A video on the official PlayStation Blog demonstrates how existing Facebook and PlayStation Network accounts can be linked together, with the option of updating activity automatically.

Both features will be available from day one, with a third option to share game specific event data due to be incorporated in future products. This option will allow developers to publish additional game information to a Facebook news feed when certain criteria have been achieved in a game.

Other new features in the firmware update include minor changes to how photos and Friends List details are displayed on the XMB interface.

Although it has always been possible to use Facebook on the PS3 via the built-in web browser news of the specific functionality in the new firmware update was first leaked earlier in the month.

Similar integration is also planned for the Xbox 360, while the Nintendo DSi has also begun to offer photo integration for the popular social network.

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David Jenkins