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Exent and Verizon launch new PC download service

GameTanium has 1800 titles, with $15 sub, per-game and ad-supported models

Online distribution firm Exent has introduced its own PC game download service to the market.

GameTanium is currently available only to Verizon broadband users in the US, but will partner with a number of other ISPs later in the year.

Although the service launches into an exceptionally competitive sector, it boasts 1800 titles – which Exent claims is "the world’s largest library of PC games" and offers multiple payment models.

Per-download, ad-supported free titles and a $15 monthly all-access subscription fee are all offered. Charges will be merged with those of the internet service provider.

The service allows some titles to be played before downloading is complete, and also includes community features such as avatars and achievements.

"We are thrilled to be launching GameTanium after all of the work that went into creating the market’s best platform for delivering games on demand," said Christina Kuzma, Exent's CMO.

"Users gain access to the world’s largest library of PC games in consumption models that fit their needs. Service providers gain an easy-to-integrate gaming service that builds revenue streams, customer loyalty and their brands. And game publishers gain access to the most profitable distribution channels for their games."

While it had not previously offered a consumer service before now, Exent has long provided digital distribution platforms to the likes of GameTap and Metaboli.

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