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Exo-Flex Skins

No air bubbles here, we're promised.

City of Industry, CA., (May, 2009) – For years we’ve been personalizing out favorite handheld game devices, iPod™’s and laptops with custom decals. But the fact is most decals quickly bubble, peal and fade in a very short time. Now Innex has announced the launch of Exo-Flex Skins which have been engineered with RapidAir® Technology by Orajet to eliminate air bubbles and significantly extend the life of the decal.

Exo-Flex Skins, which will debut at E3 2009, conform perfectly to any surface. Injected with three layers of resistant material, Exo-Flex Skins wont fade, tear, or stretch, require no squeegee and can be reapplied to any surface.

Product Highlights:

• Can be Continuously Removed and Reapplied to any Surface

• No Bubbles

• No Smearing, Fading or Residue

• No Squeegee

• Water-resistant Top Film

• Triple Injection Resistant Material

• Lifetime Warranty

• SRP: Varied Based on Application & Design

• Applications: iPhone™, Blackberry™, iPod™, DSi™, DS Lite™, Wii™, PS3™, 360™, Guitar Hero™, Rock Band™, Nintendo®, Sony®, Microsoft®, Vehicles, Posters, laptops, notebooks…any surface.

Titi Ngoy, President of Innex, stated emphatically: “The Exo-Flex Skins are really amazing. What makes them so unique, and such a great investment, is that they can be applied to almost any surface and peeled off repeatedly without stretching the skin or compromising the products ability to be reapplied to another surface.”

Innex, exclusive distributor of the Exo-Flex Skins, will have media samples available at Booth #2547, South Hall at this years E3.

About Innex

Innex was launched in 2004 as a distributor of video game related products with a particular emphasis on video game peripherals. The company has experienced exceptional growth in just five years and is poised to become one of the leading providers of gaming accessories worldwide. In addition to its extensive global distribution capabilities, Innex also provides its business partners with the opportunity to develop their own private label brands by offering an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) program. Simultaneously, Innex has positioned itself as a product sourcing agent, providing expert consultation to companies looking for specific video game related products that are either unavailable through other vendors, or difficult to find or manufacture. http://www.innexinc.com or call (866) 659-7177

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