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Interactive graphic novel available at a price of your choosing.

*For Immediate Release* 

COLUMBUS, OH – August 24, 2010 – Our New Game has announced the launch of Issues 1 and 2 of their graphic novel EXILE for PC/MAC. Exile offers a new way to experience a comic book tale through interaction within its pages. A reader’s attention focuses on certain areas of the screen that will be clicked in order to advance the plot. The soundtrack sets an overall mood from page to page while sound effects and animation bring specific panels to life.

Artists, writers, programmer, and one inspired music composer have had a lot of fun creating a unique new world and telling the story of a few of the most interesting characters who populate that world – each with their own ideals, mannerisms, and back stories. Imagine a future in which convicted felons are not locked up in prison cells, but rather sent through a portal off the face of the planet. The world beyond that portal is then made up entirely of these criminals. This is Exile, where our story takes place. There are a few good souls that have been sentenced to Exile over the years. You’ll meet Ford in Issue 1 and be a part of his journey throughout.

We are fortunate to have the pleasure of working with Andy Bennett who is – as you’re about to see – an incredibly talented artist. Andy previously created art for us that involved licensed children’s characters such as Care Bears, Bob the Builder, and My Little Pony, so to give him the opportunity to create his own style of art has been wonderful. He brought the story to life and took it way beyond what was floating around in our imagination.

For a limited time – Issues 1 and 2 of the Exile graphic novel will cost whatever people feel the issues are worth to them. That’s right, two issues packed with music, concept art, animations, and fantastic story and art for any price you name. Any funds received from this pay-what-you-want promotion on www.ournewgame.com will go towards the development of Issues 3 and 4.

Some of the nicest things we’ve heard so far:

“An EXCELLENT and very entertaining experience! The animatic acting bits, the music, and hunting around for objects kept me super invested and focused on everything happening on the pages (the page with the thugs wielding crowbars laughing evilly, and then the one guy sneezing cracked me up!) This is a really inspiring project, congrats to you and everyone involved!” – Kt Shy, Shrub Monkeys creator

“It’s actually a pretty inspired narrative… if you’re a fan of indie comics, you won’t be disappointed” - GameVortex

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