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EverQuest II Rise of Kunark

46th update, "Gathering Tempest", brings new zone and events.


In “Gathering Tempest”, EverQuest®II’s game update #46, players will experience an exciting live event, introduction of a new zone and a plethora of new content for both current and returning players of all levels.

The Void Storms Part 1: The Invasion

This live event runs through the middle of July, and gives players the opportunity to join in the investigation to explore the electrifying mysteries surrounding the wild energy storms appearing in Norrath. “The Void Storms Part 1: The Invasion” is one of the many scheduled live events and expansion pack themed content releasing this summer as part of the Living Legacy program. This live event is open to players of all levels and through their participation everyone can obtain a reward.

Heroic Runnyeye Zone Introduced

Players will be able to recapture the magic with a brand new experience in Heroic Runnyeye as it is introduced to the game with unique loot and exciting adventures. A worthy demonstration of the dedication and advancement of the EQII world.

Adventuring Updates

Adventuring in eighteen group instances such as Chelsith, Shard of Fear and Estate of Unrest will now yield status points when the bosses are killed!

For more details log onto www.eq2players.com

WHEN: Game Update #46 is live.

WHERE: www.everquest2.com

Art assets are available for download at www.soepress.com


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