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Evergreen Events Announces Regina Lynn as a Keynote for Sex in Video Games Conference!


February 22 , 2006

Regina Lynn, the weekly Sex Drive columnist at Wired News and the author of The Sexual Revolution 2.0 (Ulysses Press) has been announced as a Keynote for the June 8-9 Sex in Video Games Conference. A second Keynote speaker will be announced in early March.

Ms. Lynn will discuss how people interact in adult communities and why it's important for designers to think outside the game when developing user interfaces, input/output devices and in-world functionality. She draws from her own cybersex experiences as well as research into how sex in virtual spaces has evolved since the first telegraph operators fell in love over the wires.

Additional speakers include:

  • Brad Abram, the president of xStream3D Multimedia Inc, developers of the commercially successful VirtuallyJenna game, will participate in a panel about creating successful games with erotic content.
  • Peter Payne, the president of Peach Princess, a company dedicated to bringing the best of bishoujo/hentai games to the United States, will speak on a panel about selling adult games.
  • Phoenix Linden the lead designer for Second Life, the MMO where anything can happen and emergent sex often does, will speak on panels that explore creating successful games with erotic content and what emergent sex can teach developers.
  • Dr. P. Gandor Sandos, the Sex Expert from Mypleasure.com, will speak on panels about integrating the adult and game markets and selling adult games
  • Tom Hymes, the communications director for the Free Speech Coalition, the trade association for the adult entertainment industry, will participate on a panel about the morals and ethics of sex and games.
  • Violet Blue, best selling sex writer, Fleshbot.com assistant editor and writer of the popular blog tinynibbles.com, will participate in a panel about turning on the player.
  • Larry Walters, a prominent attorney who has developed a national reputation as a First Amendment and media lawyer who handling cases involving censorship, Free Speech and the Internet, will be appearing on a panel to discuss morals, sex, ethics and games.
  • Kelly Rued from Rapture Online, Noah Dudley from Naughty America: the Game, and Robert Coshland from Spend the Night will all discuss the new trends in Massively Multiplayer Erotic Games.

According to Brenda Brathwaite, Game Designer and Chairperson of the Sex in Video Games Conference, "in selecting the speakers for this conference, we wanted to include the top figures in the industry - the real experts on the adult market, digital distribution and sex and games and we've done exactly that. The speakers are as excited about the conference as we are."

Cynthia Freese, CEO of Evergreen Events, agrees that, "this is a wonderful selection of speakers from a cross section of industries that will be able to explore the issues currently present in the evolving sex in games genre."

Attendees include members of the games industry, as well as members of the adult entertainment industry. To register for the conference visit www.evergreenevents.org.

Evergreen Events is dedicated to the enrichment of the games industry through innovative, high-quality conferences that are both informative as well as connective. www.evergreenevents.org Our directors have over 7 years of conference experience, including the creation of the first Casual Games Conference as well as organizing and presenting the Women's Game Conference.

To inquire about sponsorships contact:

Cynthia Freese

(425) 996-8478



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