The UK Best Places To Work Awards returns for a second year at the Ham Yard Hotel in London. Celebrate employer excellence at a special ceremony held in the heart of city. We'll be highlighting the greatest games industry companies, alongside excellence in diversity, corporate social responsibility, leadership, training, wellbeing and a whole host more.

Winners will receive our prestigious Best Places badge, while those who do not make the cut will receive a free report (upon request) on anything we've managed to pick up during the judging process (participation in the awards is strictly confidential for anyone outside of the winners). The awards is free to take part in, and the event itself will include a drinks reception, ceremony and after awards networking opportunities.

  • Friday, October 12th
  • 2pm - 5pm
  • Ham Yard Hotel, London
  • 14:00 Pre-Drinks
  • 15:00 Awards Ceremony
  • 16:00 Networking Drinks
    Event Location
    • 1 Ham Yard, London, W1D 7DT
    • Piccadilly Circus
    • Brewer Street NCP
    2018 Finalists
    The Diversity Award
    Creative Assembly, Failbetter Games, Hi-Rez Studios, Mojiworks, UsTwo
    The CSR Award
    Bright Rock Games, Creative Assembly, Jagex, Red Kite Games, Rocksteady, Space Ape
    The Health & Wellbeing Awards
    Criterion, Futurlab, Jagex, LucidGames, Natural Motion, Rocksteady
    Best Boss Award
    • Jamie Walker, Rocksteady
    • John Earner, Space Ape Games
    • Louise Roberts, Lockwood Publishing
    • Matthew Wiggins, Mojiworks
    • Scott Richmond, Brightrock Games
    • Steve Cuss, Criterion
    • Tara Saunders, Sony London
    • Veronique Lallier, Hi-Rez
    Best Small-Sized Studio
    Finalists to be revealed October 12th
    Best Mid-Sized Studio
    Finalists to be revealed October 12th
    Best Large Studio
    Finalists to be revealed October 12th
    How the awards are judged

    There is no judging panel for the Best Places To Work Awards. Instead a scoring system has been devised based on two surveys. The first is the employer survey, where you can detail your benefits, achievements, work practices and more. This accounts for 25% of your final score. The second is for your employees to fill in. It is here where we will ask staff on how they feel about their place of work, discussing communication, their management, and their overall job satisfaction. This accounts for 75% of the final score. No information is shared with any third party. All submitted results are entirely anonymous. If you do not win, that will not be shared publicly (your participation is a secret unless you win). All companies - winning or otherwise - can request a free report from us based on the feedback we received from employees. This is designed to help you fix any issues that may have arisen from the surveys, and improve your chance of winning in the future.

    How to take part?

    Simply email: to request our judging forms.

    Deadline for entries: Friday, August 10th

    2017 In Pictures
    2017 Winners
    Best Small Company
    Failbetter Games
    Other winners: d3t, Double Eleven, Wish Studios
    Best Mid-Sized Company
    Playground Games
    Other winners: Criterion, Hutch, Space Ape Games, Studio Gobo, Twitch, Unity
    Best Large Company
    Creative Assembly