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CCP and Savant Says Media Ink Deal


REYKJAVIK, ICELAND - December 03, 2004 - CCP, an independent developer and publisher of next-generation online games, today announced the signing of a deal with Savant Says Media, a global provider of integrated PR and marketing for the interactive entertainment industry. Under the terms of the agreement, Savant Says Media will help promote the launch of "EXODUS," the first expansion to CCP's successful massively multiplayer title "EVE Online."

"This is the first of many great things to come for 'EVE Online,'" said Magnus Bergsson, CCP's chief marketing officer. "And with the experience Savant Says Media brings, we'll be able to reach far more gamers than we ever have with the 'EVE' experience."

With over 50,000 active subscribers, "EVE Online" broke the 12,000 simultaneous-user barrier on a single server on November 28, 2004, only days after launching "EXODUS."

"We look forward to great successes with 'EVE,'" said Daniel Manachi, chief executive officer of Savant Says Media. "It's long been our desire to work with the great crew at CCP, and now we have achieved that goal."

"EVE Online" is the forerunner of next generation massive multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs) set in a world of galactic magnitude and governed by a hyper-capitalistic economy. In a universe of this scope, you are free to discover your own place, be it in the form of a humble trader ferrying goods from system to system, a despicable pirate preying on anyone foolish enough to cross your path, a heroic combat pilot lancing through the fray as you battle for your faction, or a mighty business tycoon leading a corporation with hundreds of employees. To accomplish any or all of this, your main tools will include a diverse array of sophisticated equipment, spaceships, and social interfaces, but you'll also need a strong business acumen, cunning combat strategies, and often pure Machiavellian thinking.

"EVE Online: EXODUS" is predicted to have a revolutionary impact on the persistent world game genre. "EXODUS" contains new tools that allow powerful players to manage very large political structures like alliances, which can contain thousands of players each. The sizes of player alliances in "EVE" are considerably greater than in any other MMO game. By formalizing the gathering of player corporations into player alliances, along with tools sets to allow these massive entities to control territory, the current underlying power structures will be more visible to players.

The award winning "EVE" 3D graphics engine has been enhanced to offer outstanding performance in demanding situations such as when hundreds of players engage in massive fleet battles. New special effects, ships and NPCs, along with many interface changes further enhance the player's immersion and experience of actual space flight.

To find out about "EVE Online" and "EVE Online: EXODUS," please visit: http://www.eve-online.com.

About CCP

CCP is a privately held company and a pioneer in the field of massively multiplayer games. Its mission is to develop online games that are on the leading edge in the areas of game play, graphics and user interaction. CCP is headquartered in Reykjavík Iceland and from there develops, publishes and distributes "EVE Online."

About "EVE Online"

"EVE Online" is a massive multiplayer online game (MMOG) set in a science-fiction based, persistent world. Players take the role of spaceship pilots seeking fame, fortune, and adventure in a huge, complex, exciting, and sometimes hostile galaxy.

About Savant Says Media

Founded by Daniel "Savant" Manachi, Savant Says Media, headquartered in Los Angeles, California, is the leading choice for the assembly and execution of a highly effective, integrated online public relations, marketing, and community management strategy. Visit us at http://www.savantsays.com.



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