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Europa Universalis: Rome

Another Vae Victis trailer available.

NEW YORK, January 21st 2008—Paradox Interactive has today heralded a new dawn of political maneuvering and intrigue with a new trailer for its ancient-era inspired grand strategy expansion Europa Universalis: Rome – Vae Victis.

As the sun rises in the west, the fists of anarchy can finally be shackled and order brought to the barbaric masses. Ruling bodies such as the senate now work to boost a nation's productivity, military prowess, diplomatic options and other game factors. However, rivals of the current ruler and political parties in opposition will work to interfere in player strategies and limit options accordingly.

Characters that hinder a player's goals can be removed and friendly ones installed instead to make the cogs of bureaucracy turn more smoothly. Beware though; the results of such actions may result in catastrophic consequences. Scheming factions may not take too kindly to having their figureheads dismissed in such a way. Civil war may ensue as these rebellious forces strive to claim a share of the empire or kingdom, they deem as their own.

Furthermore, dozens of laws may now be passed and decisions made to extend the power of many game aspects. National missions focus a player's mind to urgent, short term objectives, bringing personal rewards to the ruler and increasing their popularity with the people. Direct control of armies can now be given to governors, to maintain order and repulse any threat to their territories. Be warned though, lest they make a grab for power and turn those cohorts against you!

To see these new government features in action, click on the following link to view the trailer: http://www.youtube.com/user/Paradoxplaza

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