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IGF 2009 finalist "Dyson" to get a new name and a PSN release next year.

Press Release - June 01, 2010:


Indie game “Eufloria” is to see a Sony PlayStation Network release early 2011. This marks a new phase in a remarkable journey for what was originally a small cult indie game.

About the game:

Eufloria first saw life as “Dyson” a freeware entry into the TIGSource Procedural Game Competition, after which an expanded version became an IGF 2009 finalist, competing among other things for the festival’s grand prize. Since then the game has undergone extensive development which led to a new incarnation as “Eufloria”, which saw a successful commercial release on various pc platforms, including Valve’s Steam network.

About the PSN Release

Rather more than a straight port, the PSN incarnation of Eufloria will see a number of improvements over the current version.

To quote Rudolf Kremers (Design):

“During original development we had many really nice ideas that could not be implemented due to scope considerations. Core development was down to only 2 people after all. This PSN release gives us a marvellous opportunity to put several of them into the game after all, which is very exciting to us.”

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Improvements and additions to the game will cover a wide spectrum. They cover visuals, play mechanics and new content. Additionally, Brian Grainger (Milieu) will continue his excellent musical contribution to the game and provide new unique tracks for the Eufloria soundtrack. Considering the various improvements it may be more accurate to describe the PSN release as “Eufloria ++”.

The game is being produced and self-published by Rudolf Kremers’ independent game company Omni Systems Limited.

About the development team:

Eufloria PSN is being developed by the game’s original developers:

Rudolf Kremers (design), Alex May (code), and Brian Grainger (music).

Future News:

Follow the game’s progress on its dedicated website at http://www.eufloria-game.com/, or on Rudolf’s blog: www.rudolfkremers.com/blog

For any further questions please email Rudolf Kremers or Alex May: rudolf@eufloria-game.com, alex@eufloria-game.com


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