Epic Games offers up $10m prize pool for Fall Skirmish

Six-week event set to conclude at Twitchcon in October

Esports BAR returns to Miami on September 24th

Includes new day-long program of keynote addresses, meetings, roundtables, and mentoring sessions aims to help businesses understand and break into the esports industry

By Rebekah Valentine

SoCal Regionals steps up security measures

Fighting game tournament tells attendees to arrive early, be prepared to open up fight sticks

By Brendan Sinclair

Overwatch League adds six more teams

Activision Blizzard raises team roster to 20, with new teams in China, Canada, France and the US

By Matthew Handrahan

Is the Olympics relevant for esports?

IOC president Thomas Bach dismissed games as “contradictory to Olympic values” - but his approval is less important than what esports is building elsewhere

By Rob Fahey

No esports in Olympics because 'killer games' promote violence

“They, from our point of view, are contradictory to the Olympic values and cannot therefore be accepted”

By James Batchelor

Riot Games "a long way from breaking even" on esports investment

Head of global esports events explains company's decision to cut costs, focus investments over next three years

By Rebekah Valentine

Newzoo: Mobile esports seeing windows of opportunity open

Better hardware, Eastern popularity are driving slow but steady growth of large-scale, competitive play

By Rebekah Valentine

Dota 2 International 2019 moves to Shanghai

First time the championship has been held outside of North America since the 2011 debut

By James Batchelor

EA cancels Madden competitions after shooting

CEO Andrew Wilson honors slain players, cancels three remaining qualifiers for Madden Classic competitions

By Brendan Sinclair

Mass shooting at Madden tournament

Multiple fatalities in shooting at Madden Championship Series qualifying tournament in Florida

By Brendan Sinclair

The International brings record-breaking prize pool

Dota 2 tournament's $24.8 million pool once again largest in esports history

By Rebekah Valentine

Former Multiplay boss Craig Fletcher invests $330,000 in Toadman Interactive

Funds will be used to boost development on upcoming esports title Sky Fighter Legends

By James Batchelor

Overwatch League reportedly adding Toronto team for $35 million

Splyce to partner with OverActive Media, Pittsburgh Penguins investor

By Rebekah Valentine

War Child, Gfinity and Nordeus team up for charity FIFA 18 tournament

Celebrities and pro gamers on board to help raise money for children in countries torn by conflict

Valve tells Dota 2 teams not to take on gambling sponsors

Professional teams competing in The International 2018 advised to end existing long-term contracts

By Rebekah Valentine

Inaugural Overwatch League final pulls in nearly 11m viewers

OWL final sets precedent as first live esports event to be aired on prime time ESPN

By Haydn Taylor

Newzoo: Esports viewership will continue to bear greater resemblance to traditional sports

Three-year market outlook predicts a continued increase in esports "awareness" even as repeat viewership declines

By Rebekah Valentine

EA: Diversity and engagement key to growing FIFA eWorld Cup

FIFA competitive gaming commissioner shares how the game's accessibility will lead to success across a wider swath of media

By Haydn Taylor

Overwatch League adds new teams in Guangzhou and Atlanta

Blizzard's Mike Morhaime says, "we think that there will be more to come as well"

By Matthew Handrahan

How mobile can unlock esports for a casual audience

nWay CEO Taehoon Kim on the success of Power Rangers: Legacy Wars and how it's helping grow mobile esports

By Rebekah Valentine

Overwatch League franchise spots for next season could be worth up to $60m

London Spitfires crowned Season 1 champions as Activision Blizzard prepares to open up six new spots globally

By Haydn Taylor

PUBG Corp details five-year esports plan

Developer proposes regional leagues and revenue sharing for top teams

By James Batchelor

TSM raises $37 million in Series A funding

Esports organization investors include NBA stars Stephen Curry, Andre Iguodala

By Rebekah Valentine

International Olympic Committee hosts forum to discuss esports

Riots Games CEO hopes forum might lead to esports "being more legitimised the world over"

By Haydn Taylor

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