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Enigma Games line-up

Assorted games on the way for browsers and mobile gadgets, including Solved! Online, Wargods, EFL Online and War General Online.

Today independent game publisher, Enigma Games, announced its game lineup for 2011. Among the list of games, is the long awaited first expansion of Wargods Online. Solved! Online will lead off this year of multiplayer games with a beta launch on the popular social networking sites Myspace and Facebook.

"I'm very excited about our list of games this upcoming year. With the success of Wargods Online and Theta Warriors Online, we have a solid foundation to build on over the next few years.", said President and CEO Xavier D. Moore.

Solved! Online (Puzzle) - Ever since the first release in 2007, players have asked for more. The game quoted as "the best jigsaw puzzle game currently available" by GamersInfo.net is now in development for online play. New features such as challenge leaderboard, staging area for unsolved pieces, achievement, personal best times, team challenge, and 108 piece puzzles are being included.

Web Browser, Facebook, Myspace, iPhone/iPad, Android/Tablet, Blackberry/Playbook

(Planned release - Early 2011)

Wargods Trading Card Game - Champion Pack Expansion (Card) - Adding more depth to the Starter Kit, this expansion will include champion characters from Wargods Online. Champion cards will introduce new abilities and strategies into the 4 vs. 4 turn based combat system.

Booster Packs

(Planned release - Early 2011)

Wargods Online - Celestial Island Expansion (Strategy/RPG) - The highly successful online RPG is now ready for its first big expansion. Celestial Island, a recently discovered island, is the habitat of several breeds of deadly Celestial Dragons. This expansion will bring new challenges to veteran players with new dungeon crawling mechanics, new quests, two new classes, the birth of a new world, and much more.

Web Browser, Facebook, Myspace

(Planned release - Spring 2011)

EFL Online (Strategy/Sports) - The Enigma Football League franchise is being prepared for a long awaited multiplayer edition. This release will include in-depth player coach interaction, league play, custom playbooks, roster management, player progression, and head to head play.

Web Browser, Facebook, Myspace, iPhone/iPad, Android/Tablet, Blackberry/Playbook

(Planned release - Fall 2011)

War General Online (Strategy/Military) - Are you a military genius? War General Online expands the Wargod Engine to 10 vs 10 combat as players join an epic war for terrority and resources. A variety of units such as tanks, infantry, bombers, and missile launchers are at a general's disposal to create a combat unit and turn the tide.

Web Browser, Facebook, Myspace

(Planned release - Late 2011)

Other Projects:

Wargods Origins - Book 1 of 5 by Jason Gibson

The first installment in the five part series detailing the backstory of Wargods Online. Book 1 starts in the Amenteph Empire where a Priestess named Sauda is pushed to the brink by a deadly plague. With the fate of her homeland hanging in the balance and her faith in the Sun Father shaken, Sauda makes a decision that will change the Amenteph Empire forever.

(Planned release - Early 2011)

For more information on Enigma Games, Inc. please visit enigma-games.com

About Enigma Games Inc:

Founded in 2000, Enigma Games Inc. is an independent publisher of video games for Mac, PC, Social networks and Blackberry platforms. Focusing on innovation and strategy, their lineup of games has carved a niche in the industry. Distribution agreements with BlackBerry App World, iTunes, Verizon Vcast, Handango, MobiHand, and Clickgamer allow Enigma Games Inc. to reach its target customers through their high volume websites.

For More Information Contact:

Xavier D. Moore



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