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Enhanced Ship Simulator 2006 released

HAARLEM-The Netherlands- September 21st 2006- Leading publisher Lighthouse Interactive and Dutch developer VSTEP today released an enhanced demo version of the revolutionary new PC game "Ship Simulator 2006".

This second demo features the highly anticipated New York harbour location and holds many new exciting features as found in the latest patch for the retail version of Ship Simulator 2006:

- Improved AI ship behaviour

- Helicopters and airplanes - Watch your ship sail from above

- Support for multi screen setups

- Support for Wilco Dynamic Platform and Ship Control Unit

- Support for most joypads, joysticks and steering wheels

- Support for TrackIR

The demo will let the player control a water taxi in the port of New York. As the skipper of the boat you have to steer to different way points picking up passengers and manoeuvre your vessel from dock to dock, keeping an eye out on yachts and bigger ships such as container freighters, massive yachts and tankers.

Raymond Snippe, Development manager at Lighthouse Interactive: "By playing the enhanced demo version of Ship Simulator 2006, simulator fans are finally able to explore the detailed port of New York and meet up with "Lady Liberty" in real life". Developer VSTEP already did a great job on Rotterdam, the Phi Phi Islands and Hamburg, but continues to push the envelope with the introduction of the New York harbour location".

Mark Nolen, programmer at VSTEP adds: "If you enjoy this demo, then be sure to check out the full game. The full version of Ship Simulator 2006 includes over 860 km2 of environment and 9 unique playable ships. There are 40 preset missions and it's even possible to create your own missions by using the built-in mission editor.

The demo weighs about 110MB and is available from one of these mirrors: http://www.shipsim.com/index.php?id=4

About Ship Simulator 2006

Ship Simulator 2006 is a revolutionary new sim game that puts players at the helm of some of the most varied and detailed ships to be found at sea, where they will need to perform a multitude of tasks, all set within a stunning 3D environment. Players will take control of a wide array of ship types, from massive cargo ships to speedboats, yachts, water taxis and even the mighty Titanic. The waters you sail are also as varied as the ships, from the biggest harbours in the world, such as New York, Rotterdam and Hamburg, to the calm aqua marine waters of the Thai Phi Phi Islands. Gamers will experience how challenging it is to steer the Titanic through shallow water, or just how it feels to navigate a cargo tanker or tug boat - including how diverse the controls are.

About Lighthouse Interactive

Lighthouse Interactive is a fast growing publisher of interactive entertainment with offices in Haarlem, The Netherlands and Montreal, Canada. Lighthouse's titles include the critically acclaimed adventure title "Keepsake" and upcoming highly anticipated games such as the strategy hybrid "Sword of the Stars" and the sim "Ship Simulator 2006". Staffed with industry veterans and with offices in key locations around the world, Lighthouse is a strong alternative for developers looking to bring their products to a worldwide audience.

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