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Electronic Sports World Cup

The French preliminary's final of the Electronic Sports World Cup 2005 (ESWC France) has taken place June 4-5, at the Futuroscope in Poitiers.

The ESWC French preliminaries have taken place during the five past months in more than 150 tournaments, some with direct qualification for the ESWC French finals, some providing points in the Cyberleagues France ranking which qualified the best ranked players and teams. Finally the 20 best teams and players in Counter-Strike, Warcraft III and Pro Evolution Soccer 4 have been qualified for the French finals.

The final of the ESWC French preliminary took place June 4-5, at the Futuroscope in Poitiers, the same place as last year's Grand Final. All players were hosted during the two days of competition and were able to compete against each other on one of the 150 top-notch computers. The most important matches and finals of each competition were played on stage.

Finally, besides designating the 2005 champion in each discipline, the ESWC French finals also qualified up to three players and teams for the Grand Final of the Electronic Sports World Cup 2005.

Players and teams qualified for the Grand Final:


1. GoodGame (GG)

2. Hostile Records (H-r)

Warcraft III:

1. Christophe LAPORTE, Wolf (GG)

2. Antoine ZADRI, FatC (GG)

3. Laurent LETHIMONNIER, Chobo (GG)

Pro-Evolution Soccer 4:

1. Sylvain LAMOUR, Novich (LAFC)

2. Antoine DESTREBECQ, Anto (LAFC)

3. David HADDAD, Vidda (aAa)

Unreal Tournament 2004:

1. Michael BIGNET, Winz (aAa)

Gran Turismo 4:

1. Thibault LACOMBE, Carter

2. Arnaud LACOMBE, Lucky

Counter-Strike Women:

- Beat off The Best (BTB)

- To Hell Angels (2L)

Quake III Arena:

- Matthias PERRIOT, StGermain

- Simon LAFONTAINE, Whylf

We wish to thank NVIDIA, world-wide partner of the Electronic Sports World Cup, the Futuroscope, host of the event, and the official partners: the department of Vienne, Fnac, Intel and Medion.


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