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iPhone UFO/sheep game updated to version 1.4.


Uppsala, Sweden - 13th January, 2009

Version 1.4 of Full Control and WIT Entertainment's zany iPhone game ElectroCute have just been approved and released in the appstore!

"If you’ve tried ElectroCute before, I would really like to urge you to give it another spin; We’ve added and changed a lot since the original version. The graphics have had a touch-up, there’s new backgrounds, new characters (both friendly and not), new powerups, a global highscore list, a bunch of small fixes the game now saves your progress if you quit so you can resume where you left off so no need to worry about your game getting interrupted by those annoying 'important calls'!"

-Magnus Blikstad, WIT Entertainment

About ElectroCute

ElectroCute is designed to redefine gameplay and user interaction by fully utilizing the unique multitouch interface of the market’s hottest mobile device. Where regular tapping the screen obscures most of the screen, ElectroCute let players enjoy the full view of the game while playing.

Players of the game act as a digital shepherd, protecting their flock from alien UFOs with arcs of electricity. To interact with the game players simply press two fingers on the screen and an electric bolt fries everything between their fingers - UFO and sheep alike.

AppStore Link:


Gameplay video:




For additional information or access to promo-codes for reviewers please contact; Magnus Blikstad magnus@witentertainment.com

Company information

About Full Control

Full Control has produced games, tools for games and game engine enhancement for the last 8 years with several shipped products and titles. http://www.fullcontrol.dk/

About WIT Entertainment

WIT Entertainment is a game developer and content provider for the game industry. Operating since 1997, WIT Entertainment has over 15 game titles to their credit. http://www.witentertainment.com/

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