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Egomaniacs launches new site, seeks new talent

Games industry talent agency Egomaniacs has launched a brand new website ahead of the GDCE and ECTS shows in London at the end of August.

Established with the objective of providing a true agency for creative talent in the games industry, Egomaniacs represents its clients in the same way that a sports agent would represent a sports star.

"We personally know all the people we represent," explains co-founder Elliot Hill, "giving us a more in depth understanding of their ambitions, skill and personality. It is only in this way that we can offer them true representation. We are always on the prowl."

The agency is continually searching for new creative talent to represent - interested parties should pop along to the new (and rather unique looking) Egomaniacs site at www.egomaniacs.biz.

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Rob Fahey

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