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Earth Eternal Character Demo Video Released


Mill Valley, CA, May 14, 2007 - Iron Realms Entertainment released the first video of Earth Eternal footage today, showing off a Dragon, a Shroomie, a Treekin, and a Feline loaded up with weaponry and ready to rock, in a largely unadorned test area.

The video may be found at http://www.eartheternal.com or directly on YouTube at http://youtube.com/watch?v=Sbgopnpc-1Y.

About Earth Eternal

Earth Eternal is the first 3d MMORPG developed and published by Iron Realms Entertainment. It is set in a fantasy-inspired version of mythical Earth with sixteen anthropomorphic player races ranging from Noctari (owl-person) to Bandicoon (raccoon-person). Earth Eternal is a sub-million-dollar MMORPG from an experienced, indie developer - Iron Realms Entertainment.

For additional information on Earth Eternal, please visit the website at http://www.eartheternal.com or join the forums at http://forums.eartheternal.com

About Iron Realms Entertainment

Iron Realms Entertainment is a premiere independent developer of MUDs and MMORPGs. Founded in 1996, it pioneered the virtual asset sales business model in 1997 with its first commercial MUD - Achaea, Dreams of Divine Lands - and has released three additional text MUDs since: Aetolia, the Midnight Age, Imperian: The Sundered Heavens, Lusternia, Age of Ascension. Aside from developing Earth Eternal, its first 3D MMORPG, Iron Realms is also developing Midkemia Online, a MUD based on the works of NY Times best-selling author Raymond E. Feist.


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