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EA Masters League Confirms Strategic Partnership with Commodore Gaming

Commodore Gaming™ and Electronic Arts™ team up for LAN Gaming Events

Amterdam, 17th September 2007, Commodore Gaming today announced that it has teamed up with Electronic Arts to be the official hardware partner for the EA Masters League. The partnership will cover not only the systems used at all EA Masters events but would also to be incorporated into the substantial prizes on offer.

EA Masters is a series of online and offline tournaments run on behalf of Electronic Arts by EA Masters. Gamers from Austria, Germany and Switzerland compete to discover the best of the best, across a range of EA titles. The EA Masters and the EA LANTEAM community represent the very best of gaming professionals in Austria, Germany and Switzerland. EA Masters in now enjoying the 3rd season of competition and is unique in its support and fan based approach to the much loved world of competitive gaming and LAN parties.

Commodore's presence will be felt at the events, with 16 Commodore XX systems boasting EA exclusive C-kin's, these amazing exteriors will range from Command and Conquer 3 to Medal of Honor. Beauty however is only C-kin deep and inside the XX lurks a real gaming beast, with two 8800 ultras, Quad Core processors, an Ice Cube cooling system and a pair of Corsair DOMINATOR DDR2's make the XX a must for all LAN gamers (for a full spec click here).

The EA LANTEAM is the only professional LAN party support team run by a videogames publisher. This means fans get to play their favourite games prior to launch, enabling them to provide input into the overall development process.

Commodore and EA fans will be able to gain access to the exclusive systems at all EA LANTEAM events and EA Masters events in the near future. The Station54 Community Management GmbH team are well known in the gaming community for providing added extras that everyone enjoys at the EA LANTEAM events.

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For further details please contact:

Gavin Spicer or David Bancroft

Naked Ape Public Relations

+44 (0) 7779 612 982 / +44 (0) 7792 945 004

gavin@naked-ape.co.uk / david@naked-ape.co.uk

Uli Lächelt

EA Community Team Leader

E-Mail: ulaechelt@ea-ct.de

Electronic Arts CommunityTeam, EA Masters and EA LANTEAM

are Projects of

Station54 Community Management GmbH

Stargarder Strasse 61

D - 10437 Berlin

Tel.: +49 (0)30 44 716 415

www.ea-ct.de | www.station54.de

About Commodore Gaming

Driven by a team of gaming veterans and enthusiasts across a broad range of disciplines Commodore Gaming is a passionate provider of products and services for the mobile, PC and Video game market. Created through a joint venture with Commodore International Corporation, Commodore Gaming was founded in 2005 and aims to re-establish the brand as a leader in its industry.

About EA Masters

The EA Masters is a European Gaming League, founded by Electronic Arts and the EA CommunityTeam in 2005.

Clans and players from different countries reach for the EA Masters title at online and offline tournaments. After 6 month, the clans/players go for the EA Masters international title at a big offline event, provided by EA and the EA CommunityTeam.

Since the popularity for esport is growing every day, the EA Masters are getting a lot of fans and attention due the live coverage, events, publicity and web pages.

About EA Lanteam

The EA Lanteam is organised by Station54, with a team which has knowledge at all parts of organising and realisation of a lan party. The team supports 24 lan parties with an amount of 9.600 gamers and a range of 150.000 media contacts / effective reach a year. Lan party support includes prices, tournaments, technics and organisation. The EA Lanteam does live coverage's from the lan, interviews with gamers and marketing related actions for Electronic Arts.

The EA Lanteam supports exclusively games from Electronic Arts, which means all members of the team are absolutely familiar with the games. This is providing the best support an Electronic Arts customer can get.

With monthly reports, the product manager in charge gets the feedback directly form the "base". The EA Lanteam is actually the only professional team which supports games and customers of a gaming company.


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