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EA executive salaries revealed in SEC filing

So just how much do the industry's top execs bring home, then?

Details have been revealed of the salaries of Electronic Arts' top executives, by way of a filing made yesterday with the Securities and Exchange Commission in the USA.

Obviously it's hardly news, but it's certainly interesting to see how much is earned on an annual basis by the leadership of the industry's number one publisher.

EA chairman and CEO Larry Probst leads the table, with a salary of $696,535 in 2003, along with a bonus of $1.1 million and options on 400,000 shares. He's closely followed by Don Mattrick, president of worldwide studios, whose salary grew to $606,551 along with a bonus of $700,000 and options on 300,000 shares.

Next in line is president and COO John Riccitiello, who earned $598,030 along with a bonus of $650,000 and was granted options on 400,000 shares. Nancy Smith, the company's executive VP and general manager for North American publishing, had a salary of $431,458 and a bonus of $425,000, and share options on 125,000 shares.

Finally, spare a thought for poor old Warren Jenson, executive VP and CFO, who is bottom of the table, earning a paltry $375,755 with a bonus of $404,000. However, he did have options to purchase 600,000 shares - and this being the year he started at the company, he also received a $500,000 bonus for accepting employment at EA, along with nearly $100,000 in housing and relocation expenses, and a cool $4 million loan from the company which will be forgiven if he stays at EA for more than four years.

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