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Dungeon Fighter Online

New boss monsters on parade.

Nexon America has created an exciting video showing off the new boss monsters in Dungeon Fighter Online. These new foes were added during the recent Threshold of Power update, which increased the level cap to 50 and offered several new dungeons, where these vicious foes wait to smash any opposition.

To help Dungeon Fighters conquer these seven adversaries, Nexon has included some tips and tricks.

Samm Jang: Found at the end of Moonlight Tavern, surrounded by all sorts of thuggish and dangerous characters is the underboss of the Hendonis crime organization. Samm Jang uses an attack pattern typical of a Brawler from the back alleys and employs techniques such as the Brick Buster and the Single Shot. Once he is in the air, it is difficult to avoid his highly damaging attacks.

Death Dragon Spirazzi: The Catacombs were supposed to be the final resting place for Spirazzi, whose body was hacked to pieces long ago by the Dark Elves. Head into the dungeons of The Catacombs and make sure the Death Dragon stays dead. Its head is kept stationary by the massive chains the Dark Elves forged to hold it but it still blasts deadly poison from its mouth. And the Death Dragon can still move its head up and down quickly, unleashing varied attack patterns that present a great challenge.

Rocket Man: Leader of the deadly Cartel, Rocket Man is holding court in Odessa Streets. Left unchallenged, all of Arad will fall to them so someone must defeat the Rocket Man. It’s not going to be easy. The Rocket Man is a mechanized soldier that has a rocket launcher and rocket boosters attached to his body. He employs the boosters for quick lateral movement while firing machine guns from his arms and rockets from his back.

Sasquatch: An unexpected attack and a mysterious warning leave the Bantu of Frostfield fearful of the fabled Yeti, known as Sasquatch. This king of the Yetis loves dwelling in the snow. His attacks include swinging his extremely long arms to grab his opponents. He also utilizes well his snowy terrain, such as by pulling out a long ice beam from the ground to use as a weapon.

Michelle the Telekinetic: This powerful Scypher is found in Verderia, where her fellow mutants have been tortured, neglected and abandoned and are now being used for evil by the Cartel. Overpower Michelle, who used her incredible Telekinetic Powers to move objects in her environment with her mind, using them as weapons against her opponents, to convince the mutants to sever ties with the Cartel.

Titan, Goliath and Atlas: Created by the necromancer Izura from lava found near the Scoria Core, these monsters team together to deliver a dreaded challenge for all Dungeon Fighters. When the Goliath becomes weak, he will summon Adors and Soul Eaters. Atlas utilizes a net to trap its enemies, while Titan cancels an opponent’s Buff and stuns them with its fist when Super Armor is in effect.

Shadow Knight Sayoung: This swordsman stands at the end of the Labyrinth of Shadows, guarding the Slums and the secret of this living maze. The answer can only be obtained by Dungeon Fighters who muster the strength to penetrate the darkness. Contracted by the Dark Elves to guard their city, this Slayer mainly uses the Ghost Slash, the Saya and the Ghost Step. Be particularly careful when he summons the Tombstones.

Dungeon Fighter Online is free to play and download. To join the game’s growing fan base, join in at Facebook, and head over to YouTube to see more of the game’s action.


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