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Dungeon Fighter Online

Eight more Awakening classes join the fray.

Awakening Quickens

Dungeon Fighter Online introduces eight more Awakening classes for high-level players in new gameplay video as it prepares for its June launch

Players kicking tail and taking names during the Dungeon Fighter Online beta can heighten their fighting senses by experiencing the Awakening, a super subclass players can attain through a series of Awakening Quests. They are available for select player classes at level 48. A new gameplay video announces the DFO newest subclasses to acquire the Awakening option, highlighting some of the skills that the Awakening unlocks.

Nexon America will add eight new Awakening classes to Dungeon Fighter Online as part of its major update scheduled for April 28. Gamers can join more than 197 million worldwide registered players by signing up and downloading the game for free at http://dungeonfighter.nexon.net.

Dungeon Fighter Online offers gamers a choice of five classes – Fighter, Gunner, Mage, Priest and Slayer – with which to engage in its action-adventure, beat-‘em up game play. Players can choose specific subclasses when they reach level 18, and then ultimately take part in an Awakening at level 48.

Here is a look at the new Awakening classes

• Fighter

o Subclass: Nen Master >> Awakening: Blazing Flower

o Subclass: Striker >> Awakening: Champion

• Gunner

o Subclass: Launcher >> Awakening: Wrecking Ball

o Subclass: Spitfire >> Awakening: Viper

• Mage

o Subclass: Battle Mage >> Awakening: Bellatrix

o Subclass: Elementalist >> Awakening: Archmage

• Slayer

o Subclass: Asura >> Awakening: Dark Knight

o Subclass: Berserker >> Awakening: Hell Bringer

Each Awakening unlocks a new active skill and a new passive skill. These skills grant players an even more powerful way to defeat the many dangerous beasts that have overrun the land of Arad. More information on each of these Awakening classes is available in the new DFO Magazine on the game’s Web site.

To see the action, check out game videos at www.youtube.com/dungeonfighteronline. Dungeon Fighters are also welcome to show their support for eradicating evil in the Land of Arad at www.facebook.com/dungeonfighteronline.


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