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Dungeon Fighter Online

Create a guild, fight as one.

Dungeon Fighter Online launches Guild System and eight Awakening classes in latest update

Players can now join and play Dungeon Fighter Online as part of a guild. Plus, with eight new Awakening super subclasses available, high-level players can continue to grow in power to help beat back the tide of evil threatening Arad.

Dungeon Fighter Online is currently in beta testing and scheduled to launch in June. North American players who join the more than 197 million worldwide registered players will retain all characters and inventory when the game officially launches this summer.

The new guild system launches with an in-game event that offers players the chance to create a guild for half-price. The Guild Initiation Fee is just 150,000 gold, Dungeon Fighter Online’s in-game currency acquired through beating monsters and conquering dungeons. Players will also enjoy earning twice the Guild EXP, earned by guild members simply playing through dungeons.

The first five guilds to reach Guild Level 5 will receive the Smoking Guild Gift Box, which includes 10 Noble Warrior Potions (recovers 10 percent of a player’s health and mana points) and three Monster Suit Potions (transforms players into monsters in town for five minutes). Nexon America intends to announce the winning guilds on May 26.

Dungeon Fighter Online is also offering an event to promote the new eight Awakening classes. To help get new players started, any character created during the launch event will receive 10 Life Tokens rather than the standard five tokens. Players looking to advance to one of the eight subclasses that awaken during this update (Asura, Battle Mage, Berserker, Elementalist, Launcher, Nen Master, Spitfire and Striker) will be awarded a class advancement gift. The Advancement Present contains Remy’s Touch and Mana-Aid. Plus when players join a party as one of these subclasses, bonus EXP will be awarded. All members of a party that contains at least one of the chosen subclasses will receive the bonus. Parties of two receive a 10 percent bonus, while parties of three or four gain a 20 percent bonus.

Dungeon Fighters who have experienced an Awakening have a chance to receive an exclusive Awakening title. These titles are being updated for the first time ever in the game and offer additional powers to players.

Those looking to join a guild should head over to the Dungeon Fighter Online Guild Recruitment Page in the DFO forums at nexon.net.

To see the action, check out game videos at www.youtube.com/dungeonfighteronline. Dungeon Fighters are also welcome to show their support for eradicating evil in the Land of Arad at www.facebook.com/dungeonfighteronline.


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