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Dungeon Bandits: Siege of the Revenant

Dungeon Bandits goes commercial

Seattle, WA – April 8, 2010 – Online games publisher, PlayEnvy, has officially announced the details of the upcoming commercial version of its strategic MMO, Dungeon Bandits http://dungeonbandits.playenvy.com. The first major content update to the game ‘Siege of The Revenant’ will introduce players to an entirely new set of dynamic systems that will completely change the concept of the existing open beta version of the game.

“Players will be very pleased to see the extent that we have gone to with this new update. The foundation of the game itself will see dramatic change and will set the course for storyline driven content and systems updates” said Eric Long, Executive Producer at PlayEnvy.

An Evil Dragon named ‘The Revenant’ has seized control of the dungeons to plot against all that dare loot the precious treasure contained within, enslaving their souls as punishment. The only hope is to siege against this evil force and release its grasp on those that have been forsaken. Only then, will the Bandits’ way of life return to the carefree state it once was.

This upcoming major update, which coincides with the commercial release, will be entirely free to play for players and will contain:

Character Level Progression – Currently levels are match dependent and reset after each game. The new level system will allow players to progress in level and unlock further content

2 New Level-Based Dungeons – Bringing the number of match dungeons to a total of 6, these new dungeons will be unlocked based on character level

Elite Raiding Only Dungeon – The Lair of ‘The Revenant’ will be a dangerous challenge to those that earn the right to oppose him in battle and victors will be graciously rewarded for their accomplishment

Boss Raiding System – Teams will compete for access to challenge the dungeon’s bosses. Those that successfully defeat dungeon bosses will gain experience, loot and collect valuable items required for challenging The Revenant. Only those that first defeat the opposing team may enter the boss raids.

Elite Item Drops – Acquired through boss raids, these items will be imperative to collect if you are to have any chance against The Revenant

Auto Group Formation – This matchmaking system will dramatically improve the time it takes to form parties and enter matches

Improved User Interface – The UI has been reworked to accommodate the new systems added and improve navigation through the game’s options

New Maps to Existing Dungeons – New layouts that take full advantage of the strategic elements of the dungeon environments

Prior to the release of Dungeon Bandits: Siege of The Revenant, players can register on the http://dungeonbandits.playenvy.com official site and take part in the ongoing open beta tests which features the capture the treasure style team matches. This is a great time for players to master their skills in preparation for the new systems of ‘Siege of The Revenant’.


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