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Drug Wars

CryEngine 2-propelled sci-fi FPS available on Steam for $9.99.

San Diego — June 30, 2009 – Paleo Entertainment, an independent developer and publisher of entertainment software, announced today that Drug Wars, the bloody, futuristic first-person shooter, has invaded Steam today and is available now for $9.99.

Paleo’s twelve-man team has bent the complex CryEngine 2 to their will, assembling a gritty, gory romp through a futuristic New York City, circa 3100, where severe global warming conditions have resulted in a harsh divide between upper-class Brooklyn gang bosses and a booming population of engineered Neanderthal bottom-dwellers.

Armed with a deadly variety of weapons, including everything from a biomechanical arm to environmental objects (use your enemy’s dismembered appendages against them!), jump into Drug Wars’ blistering singleplayer campaign, MOB, an updated, reworked version of Paleo’s first major release, or light bitches up in Drug Wars’ frenetic multiplayer action, featuring deathmatch, team deathmatch, and unique Capture The Drugs objective-based games for up to 32 players.

In addition to the variety of weapons and gameplay sets, Drug Wars also introduces several new vehicle options not found in MOB that add an additional layer to the chaotic combat. Vehicles players will have access to include:

• The speedy Hover Bike capable of performing awesome jumps

• The Hover Car featuring bombs, Tommy Guns and the ability to tote three other players along

• The Rad Mobile, featuring rockets and Gatling Guns

• The Drug Runner Boat, a four-person water speedster with targeted homing rockets

Drug Wars also gives gamers immediate access to all of the weapons found in MOB, including all of the alternate firing modes. These brand-new vehicular options that allow both quick-travel across the detailed landscapes and the ability to mow down your opponents ensure a huge variety of gameplay options to keep players addicted to the bloody fun.

Developed on the CryEngine 2 game engine and featuring an innovative comic book-styled presentation and neo cell-shaded art style, Drug Wars represents the pinnacle of boutique indie development.

Drug Wars has a pending rating from the ESRB, but is recommended for 18+ gamers for Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Strong Language, Partial Nudity, Strong Sexual Content and Use of Drugs and Alcohol. For more information about Drug Wars or Paleo Entertainment, please visit www.paleoent.com.


About Paleo Entertainment:

Established in 2006, Paleo Entertainment is an independent video game development, production and distribution company for consumer video game products. Based in San Diego, California, Paleo Entertainment was founded by Troy Latimer to deliver video games with distinctive and unpredictable storylines utilizing the most advanced technology available, including Drug Wars, which is built upon the complex Crytek 2 game engine. For more information on Paleo Entertainment and its games, visit www.paleoent.com.


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