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Blitz Arcade's downloadable puzzler available now for XBLA, PSN and PC; iPhone version to follow.

26 June 2009, Leamington Spa, UK. Blitz Arcade’s fantastically addictive downloadable bundle of joy is out now on XBLA, PSN and PC. Look out for it on iPhone soon.

Brought to the unsuspecting and soon-to-be-addicted world by Atlus U.S.A. Inc and Blitz Arcade (a division of Blitz Games Studios) Droplitz promises hours and hours of: “Just five more minutes…”

The game:

Droplitz is all about connecting dials to save the precious droplitz dripping from the top of the screen. If you create multiple paths at the same time, you earn score combos and generate more droplitz.

Steve Stopps, Blitz Arcade Project Director, says: “Droplitz is such a favourite in the studio and we’re really excited that players are getting their hands on it finally. Reaction so far has been great and we just want everyone out there to enjoy it as much as we do. It’s great working with such a passionate and enthusiastic publisher as Atlus, who share our excitement about this game.”

Special things about Droplitz:

• Infinitely accessible, instantly addictive – Turn dials, open paths, and don't let the droplitz go to waste! Casual and hardcore gamers alike will be mesmerised by Droplitz as they rotate and connect puzzle pieces to let the droplitz flow and earn high scores.

• Four unique game modes – Distinct layers of complexity keep the challenge fresh with Classic, Zendurance, Power Up and and Infection. Learn how to deal with sluggish, infected dials; strategically use bombs to clear sections of the game board or speed up the action.

• Endless replayability – The timeless satisfaction of making combos, clearing boards, and earning top scores will keep players coming back for more. Ever increasing speeds and larger boards ensure that there will always be a challenge ahead.

• Compete for high scores – Online leaderboards and 12 trophies/achievements mean that when you're the best, everyone will know it. High score-based gameplay makes every game a competition to get to the top of the charts.

What the critics say:

IGN.com has given the tricky little puzzler 7.5/10 and said: “Puzzle games should be simple and addictive – Droplitz is both of these things. It’ll claim several hours of your life before you even notice they’re gone.” [Source: http://xboxlive.ign.com/articles/996/996859p1.html]

Teamxbox.com gave it 7.7/10 and said: “Droplitz is an easy game that’s not all that easy… In the meantime, I’m going to go back and try and beat it… oh yes, I will beat you Droplitz!” [source: http://reviews.teamxbox.com/xbox-360/1724/Droplitz/p1/]

Gamestooge.com scored Droplitz 5/5 and said: “Overall, Droplitz is the best downloadable action-puzzler since Plants Vs Zombies and is highly recommended.” [source: http://www.gamestooge.com/2009/06/24/review-droplitz-pc360ps3/]

For more information, see www.BlitzArcade.com or contact

Debbie Henderson, assistant PR manager at dhenderson@BlitzGamesStudios.com

For the Droplitz tuition video: www.atlus.com/assets/droplitz_video_tutorial.zip

For screenshots: www.atlus.com/assets/droplitz_screens_launch.zip

For trailer: www.atlus.com/assets/droplitz_video_trailer.zip

About Blitz Arcade:

Blitz Arcade was founded in 2007 and is dedicated to producing top quality downloadable games across all platforms. Blitz Arcade is a division of Blitz Games Studios and uses its industry-leading proprietary technology, BlitzTech. Blitz Games Studios is based in Leamington Spa in the UK and was founded in 1990 by industry veterans Andrew and Philip Oliver and now has more than 200 staff. Its six divisions encompass mature titles (Volatile Games), Serious Games (TruSim), family titles (Blitz Games), in-house technology (BlitzTech), downloadable games (Blitz Arcade) and its education division (Blitz Academy).

About Atlus U.S.A., Inc.

Located in Irvine, California and founded in 1991, Atlus U.S.A., Inc. is renowned for its proud tradition of publishing exceptional role-playing games with strong niche appeal. The Atlus library of critically acclaimed video games includes Odin Sphere, the Trauma Center series, and the award-winning Shin Megami Tensei series. For more information, visit http://www.atlus.com.

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