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Dreamland Online

Debuting in Europe at gamescom.

Labeled as "I Got Games", it’s not surprising IGG has more to present. At the Game Developers Conference® Europe in Cologne, Germany this week, the company debuts its brand new MMORPG, Dreamland Online.

Dreamland Online offers players a lush, vibrant world brought to life with 3D rendering technology, charming, attractive character designs and a fun, well developed pet system. Dreamland also operates upon intricate systems that offer rewarding experiences for players of every age, gender and playing style. For instance, PK enthusiasts will find the robust PvP system a solid platform for intense and competitive battles; for story lovers, there are extensive quests with detailed storylines that will bring significant depth to Dreamland’s game plot; whereas the unique Homestead system gives creative players a chance to create and personalize a home of their own.

IGG is a leader in Free2Play MMORPG publishing in the United States. The company will be releasing Dreamland Online into both European and U.S. markets this fall. Visit http://do.igg.com for more information.

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