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Dream of Mirror Online

New poetry tale quests and items available.

Gametribe.com, the premier destination for Free-to-Play games is offering brand new contents to the DOMO fans on March 11th.

Two Poetry tale quests are now available! Travel for love through Eversun and Collington and you will be given a fabulous necklace.

Also, a brand new goodie bag and new items are out now:

• A Special Mecha goodie bag will be available until April 8th, giving players the chance to get a Mecha Armor, Helmet or Jetpack in crimson, yellow or green. These items can be permanent or 15-days

• New costumes Bodice and Gladiator

• New accessories PuPu Headphone and Blue Sunglasses

The new update will be available to players after the weekly Wednesday maintenance window on March 11th

DOMO is a Free-to-Play social MMORPG based on ancient Chinese mythology. Join with thousands of other gamers in an amazing anime-inspired world where you can socialize, form friendships, craft and master a variety of jobs, all within the underlying quest of trying to solve the riddles of the ancient myth of the Kunlun Mirror.

To download and play DOMO visit the game’s official website through www.gametribe.com.

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