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Drag Tag Smash

Update includes Ghost Blasters and bullet-absorbing balls.

The new update will include gameplay and bug fixes, but will also contain the following extras.

New weapon called the ‘Ghost Blaster’. The inclusion of a ‘Smash Counter’. Revised Tutorials which include gameplay tips. A Lightning Shard Tether. Display text improvements. Ball now absorbs bullets. Bug fixes.  

For footage of some of the new updated features, check out the new Drag Tag Smash trailer at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GxbZulIM_Ic.

To mark the occasion of the update, website www.indiegamepod.com has interviewed Managing and Creative Director of SmashMouth Games, Zuby Ahmed in an audio blog about the development of Drag Tag Smash, Ongaku and the evolution of SmashMouth Games itself. The audio blog is available now and can be downloaded here http://www.indiegamepod.com.

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Visit us at: www.smashmouthgames.com

Visit the Ongaku Site at www.ongakugame.com

To find out more about Drag Tag Smash visit: www.smashmouthgames.com/Webpages/Games/dragtagsmash.html

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Interested in discussing business opportunities with SmashMouth Games? Please contact: contact@smashmouthgames.com

For all PR enquiries, contact Zuby Ahmed, Managing Director at zuby@smashmouthgames.com

About SmashMouth Games:

SmashMouth Games is an award-winning independent development company focusing on creating casual and innovative videogames for the download market. Since SmashMouth Games was established in 2006, the company has released a Flash Version of its first game, Ongaku, which achieved over 100 000 downloads in its initial two week launch (now nearly 500 000 downloads). Ongaku went on to become a leader in its field, winning the prestigious, "Armor Games Rhythm Action Competition" hosted by the international website Newgrounds - the most visited Flash-Portal on the Internet today. In May 2008, Ongaku was nominated for Game of the Year by Newgrounds. Currently the company is working on three projects, the first of which is Ongaku, for multi-platform release. SmashMouth Games is also a registered Wii Ware developer, Apple iPhone developer, and is part of the Microsoft Empower Program. The company also has successful educational ties with The University of Salford and is also based at Futureworks Manchester School of Media ( www.futureworks.co.uk/), both of which are situated in the heart of Manchester. For further information visit: www.smashmouthgames.com

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