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Doublesix: Triple A titles threaten "dream" of digital distribution

Jim Mummery, creative director, says downloadable games should be a place for "innovators"

Jim Mummery, creative director at Doublesix Games, has warned that the success of downloadable games risks forcing out smaller developers due to the influx of triple A titles.

Speaking to GamesIndustry.biz, Mummery talked about the studio's work on South Park for Xbox Live Arcade and Burn! Zombie! Burn! for PlayStation Network.

While he said the experience was rewarding and hopes that more developers will go down the same distribution route, Mummery warned that too much interest risked damaging "the dream of the platform".

"The original dream that everybody saw digital download as was this safe haven where small teams of developers could create quality product, put it up, and see some benefit out of it," he said.

"I think one of the risks that have started to happen is that the quality bar on XBLA and PSN is getting so high that it is almost becoming the next place for boxed product."

"There's a possibility that the success of digital download could lead to a dual tier, where you have incredibly big budget games pushing out the small developers and I hope that won't happen," Mummery warned.

"The idea that if three guys want to get together and make a game and release it on XBLA or PSN and can is the dream of the platform. It should be where creativity is, where there are risks to take - it means the industry has a place for its innovators. "

Jim Mummery's full interview with GamesIndustry.biz can now be read here.

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