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Double Fusion releases advertising study

Double Fusion has released a study which it claims offers proof of the efficacy of video game advertising and outlines ad effectiveness.

Among the findings, the study showed that 75 per cent of gamers engage with at least one ad per minute across most game types, with 81 per cent of gamers engaging with one ad at least every other minute.

Size apparently doesn't matter, as placement of the ad at eye-level was found to be more important than large size ads. Less cluttered ads were three times as effective at gaining the attention of players than ads in cluttered environments.

âDouble Fusionâs ad effectiveness research validates what many have assumed but never proven-that gamers not only notice ads in games but are impacted by them positively, increasing their intent to buy,â said Jonathan Epstein, president and CEO of Double Fusion.

The research was designed with and conducted by Interpret LLC. It combined qualitative and quantitative methods and biometric testing to analyze the advertising impact of 36 ad placements across ten top-selling games from a variety of genres.

Double Fusion plans to use the data obtained from the study as the basis for defining ad ratings that will allow gaming to be directly compared to other digital and electronic media.

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