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Doodle Ski

iPhone winter sports with an alien invasion at 100,000 points.

In Doodle Ski for the Apple iPhone TM and Apple iPod touch ® it is your objective to navigate the treacherous slopes of a dynamically generated environment, avoiding obstacles and angry enemy creatures. Players with the "right stuff" will also have to contend with an alien invasion at 100,000 points

Yes, you read correctly!

In this simplistic yet highly addicting game of balance and quick thinking, the slopes are not only plagued by fog, rockslides and avalanches, but also crammed full of enemies such as angry Yeti’s and perilous Penguins! The Aliens appearing in Doodle Ski are on a visit from the developers other game, Doodle Galaxies!

Controlling your skier is simple: simply tilt the handheld in the desired direction, while avoiding enemies and obstacles at all costs! It will take perseverance, luck, skills, and a steady hand to master Doodle Ski!

Visit the developer website at www.flamingmitten.co.uk to learn more about Doodle Ski and other games.

Doodle Ski is available on the App Store here:

http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/doodle-ski/id372946005?mt=8. Journalists are welcome to request a promo code by contacting press@indiedeveloperconsulting.com


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