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Dominions 3: The Awakening Updated Once Again!

Version 3.15 Now Ready For Immediate Download!

Hampstead, NC, 06 March 2008

The best keeps getting better! The mad Swedish geniuses behind the multi-award winning Dominions 3: The Awakening, Illwinter Game Design, and their publisher Shrapnel Games (that would be us) would like to announce a brand new patch is available for the game.

As you've come to expect the patch, which is version 3.15, contains a mixture of cool new features and the elimination of a number of bugs. Players will happily note that one of those eliminated bugs is the scale spread bug that brought woe to some. Some other notable highlights that should bring a smile to your face and put a spring in your step: MA Ulm and LA Abysia boosted and Ermor domkill at proper levels now.

A complete list of what can be found in the version 3.15 update includes:

The Features:

MA & LA Ulm sexier. Ulm Iron Faith: Black Priests in MA Ulm, Priest Smiths. Iron Faith spells: Iron Darts, Iron Blizzard. Iron Angel, MA Ulm summon to battle enemy sacreds and magical beings. Guardians got Black Halberds that stun enemy sacreds. Ghoul Guardians no longer sacred, but got Black Halberds. Halt Heretic: New ability on Iron Angel, Ulrich hero and Lord Guardians. Plate armors slightly better. Ulm plate armors more so. LA Abysia sexier. Slayer cult: Anathemant Slayers, common slayers noncapital. LA Anathemants got death magic. LA Smoulderghosts sacred. Warbreds: huge humanbreds bred for war. Late Abysian Hero Fossilized Giants, LA Abysian summon. Altered spell: Hidden in Snow more expensive and gives more units. Also more effective with luck, magic and turmoil. New spell: Hidden in Sand. Summons dust walkers if cast in a wasteland. More powerful in luck, magic and turmoil. Altered spell: Flight is personal. New spell: Gift of Flight. New icons: Halt Heretic, Animal Awe, Spy and Assassin. Avalon witch changes: Crones strat move 1, mother and daughter random nature/air. New national militia events for UW nations.

The Bug Fixes and Balance Changes.

Scale spread bug fixed. Ermor domkill upped to proper levels. Old militia event made rare. Peshti got Kite Shields. Peshti Spearman strat move 2. Bogatyr strat move 3. Some more strat move fixes. Plague Scythe -> twohanded. Exarch and Kosheij got robes. Grid Druzhina cold res 50. Fivefold Angel stump attack instead of fist. Simargl Falchion -> bite. Simargl patrol -> 10. Bloodlord helmet. Rigor mortis no longer affects inanimates. Internal Alchemy works properly. Demonbred got correct age. Forester and Bakemono scout stealth fix. Moose Riders cheaper 45 -> 30. * #coldpower mod command fixed.

The patch can be downloaded directly from Shrapnel Games and is available for

Windows, Mac, and Linux. Point your browser to:


Dominions 3: The Awakening is a fantasy turn-based strategy game that proves that today's gaming landscape still has room for the garage developer. It's also probably the best damn hardcore turn based fantasy strategy game you'll ever play, but you already know that since you're reading up on the patch. Unless you just like to collect game patches. In which case go on and grab the demo from the same spot and see why

everyone worships at the altar of Illwinter. Then once enthralled head on over to the Gamers Front and grab a copy to apply this patch to, especially since it's on sale all month long!

Throughout March Dominions 3: The Awakening is $7.00 off its normal retail price of $54.95! Don't have it yet? Great time to grab it. Already have it? Christmas is only nine months away and it makes a perfect gift! Remember, you can never have enough Dominions in your life!

For more information on Dominions 3: The Awakening, or to check out any of our other fine products, please visit us at www.shrapnelgames.com. Recent releases include the

modder's paradise dungeoncrawl of Scallywag: In the Lair of the Medusa and coming soon to a tabletop near you, Eat Electric Death!, the tactical starship combat board game set in the Infinite Space universe.

For press related information please contact Scott R. Krol at: skrol@shrapnelgames.com

To visit our company blog go to www.shrapnelcommunity.com/blog/

For all other information, please contact:

Timothy W. Brooks

Shrapnel Games, Inc.

P.O. Box 488

Hampstead, NC 28443-0488



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