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Magik Riktus bandit clan arrives today.

Roubaix, France – 6th February – Today, the bandits of the Magik Riktus Clan are set to invade DOFUS and with them, a whole host of new challenges will arrive!

The consistent success of DOFUS hasn’t stopped the game’s designers from coming up with new and exciting surprises for the players. On 6 February, players will have the chance to discover a whole new gaming experience when the Magik Riktus Bandits arrive. The clan is new to the World of Twelve, and they’re here to make their fortune, each one armed with a weapon that allows them to use their clan’s unique spells.

Four types of incarnation exist, one for each order of the clan:

- The Swashbuckling Bandits, experts in close combat. Their weapon of choice? The sword, of course!

- The Archer bandits, masters of long-range combat.

- The Wandering Bandits, who use their spells to protect their friends, and their staff to injure their foes.

- The Sorcerer Bandits, these magi can change the condition of others.

Each bandit’s weapon deals air, earth, fire and water type damage, and once the player has transformed into a bandit, they’ll have 20 unique spells at their disposal. They will also gain a close combat attack, but will lose their original spells for as long as they remain transformed.

Bandits can evolve up to level 50 by gaining experience. All XP won as a bandit will contribute to bandit XP only and every 10 levels, the bandits’ spells evolve by one level. At level 50, all spells are at level 6, which is the maximum level.

How do players become bandits? Each subscription (from one to 12 months) comes with a gift, a weapon which transforms players into bandits when equipped, whatever their original class. The only condition is that the player must be at least level 30.

You can find out more about the Magik Riktus Clan here, including details on weapons, spells, and how the bandits started out, many years ago!

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