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Disney introduces DGamer in North America

Disney's Prince Caspian game marks the launch of its online community for Nintendo DS gamers

Disney's release of The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian for the Nintendo DS also marks the launch of its DGamer online community in North America.

DGamer allows players to login with their DS to create and customise avatars and persistent profiles. Players can also earn "honours" in various titles and post high scores on leaderboards.

Parents, meanwhile, can specify the level of their children's online interactivity in addition to existing safety features.

"DGamer was built around the vision to connect Disney videogame fans in a secure, fun environment and it is truly the first integrated online community of its kind to do so on multiple platforms," said Disney Interactive Studios executive VP and GM Graham Hopper.

"We recognise the importance of delivering unique experiences to our consumers and how crucial it is for parents to feel confident that the community is secure for their kids."

DGamer should be launched in other international regions by 2009.

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