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Digimon RPG

MMO spin-off that's been running in Korea since early 2003 and launched last year in China.

Game Title: Digimon RPG

Developer: Digitalic Co.,Ltd.

Publisher: SKTelecom (Korea) / CDC Games (China)

Genre: MMOPRG (Turn-play system)

Official Website: http://www.digimonrpg.com/main/main_login.asp (Korea)

http://digimon.gtgame.com.cn/ (China)

Date of Service: Formal service started in 2003, Korea / in 2008, China

System Requirements:

Required Minimum

CPU Pentium 4 (1.3 GHz)

RAM 256 MB

VGA Video memory 16MB 

OS Window 98 / XP / 2000

ETC Direct X 8.1, over 1G hard disk


CPU Pentium 3 (400 MHz)

RAM 128 MB

VGA Video memory 8MB

OS Window 98

ETC Direct X 8.1, over 1G hard disk


Digimon RPG is the first digimon MMORPG game based on original ‘Digimon’, which is a sensational animation worldwide.

Since the service started in 10th of March, 2003, Korea, it has been recording 20% of sales boost with 3 millions of subscribers and 5000 of CCU. About 352 different kinds of Digimon characters are added to the Digimon Tamers, which were made under strict supervision of BANDAI. Those Digimons are also in favor with the fans of original Digimon animaion.

Digimon & Animation

Digimons are created by representative Japanese toy company ‘Bandai’ based on Hongo Akiyoshi’s draft. It is also made for TV animation series brought to kids by one of the legendary Japanese broad casts TOEI and no doubtfully being loved worldwide.

Special Features:

1) Broad user’s class – Digimon characters are already well known through game, animation and toys worldwide. It brings beneficial effect to Digimon RPG. Various kinds of ‘Digimon’ animation series are shown on TV, and people who watched those have high interests in Digimon RPG.

2) Advantage of Game Play – Digimon RPG has own unique turn-play system so it lets everyone feel easy and fun. Turn-play system gives fair opportunity to both of offense and defense by simply clicking the mouse, which has an easy accessibility so that young people find it easy to focus on playing.

3) A variety of Character – Since 2003, Digimon RPG service has added about 352 different kinds of Digimon characters. Digimon RPG has a lot more characters compared with other games. Furthermore, there will be added 1000 or more different kinds of Digimons continuously. Content with many characters is one of the strong points at playing this game.

For further information, please contact :

Overseas Business Team / Assistant Manager

Kim Moon Young

e-mail : mimi0605@digitalic.co.kr

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