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Devil May Cry series ships 10 million units

Capcom's stylised action franchise hits milestone after eight years

Capcom's Devil May Cry series has officially shipped 10 million copies worldwide.

The first of the action series was released in 2001, followed by three sequels, action figures, comics, anime and novels.

As a popular IP spread out across different forms of media, Capcom claims it represents the forerunner of its "single contents multiple usage" strategy, adding that the brand has contributed "greatly to the company's profits".

The Japanese publisher has enjoyed a spate of successful releases this year, including Street Fighter IV and Resident Evil 5, which was reported to have shipped 4 million units earlier this month.

Capcom's stock price is at JPY 1597 (GBP 11.6), down 1.54 per cent from the opening price of JPY 1623 (GBP 11.8).

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