How is Game Pass adding so many indie titles at launch?

ID@Xbox director Chris Charla talks about independent developers' concerns around subscription plans and streaming services

By Brendan Sinclair

From Pokémon to Harry Potter: Niantic's hopes for Wizards Unite

CEO John Hanke on the "huge potential" of this week's big mobile release, and the untapped potential of location-based games

By James Batchelor

Shifting Tides' sojourn to a non-boring puzzle game

Aria Esrafilian and Nima Memari share their vision for The Sojourn, thoughts on the genre, and partnerships with Xbox and Epic

By Rebekah Valentine

Why Niantic bought a tabletop game developer

Sensible Object's Alex Fleetwood on joining the Pokémon Go firm and the future of location-based games

By James Batchelor

Bluepoint co-founder Andy O'Neil dies

Engineer who worked on Metroid Prime trilogy, Shadow of the Colossus remake was 47 years old

By Brendan Sinclair

Lumberyard at heart of Amazon Game Studios' development woes

"They're still ironing out the kinks of what it means to own and maintain your own engine," says Amazon dev

By Haydn Taylor

Niantic acquires Sensible Object

UK studio behind Beasts of Balance will support Niantic's tiles during transition period, then create its own real-world games

By James Batchelor

Women accounted for 21% of E3 stage presenters, just 5% of game protagonists

But annual Feminist Frequency gender breakdown shows number of games with multiple choice is at a five-year high

By James Batchelor

Playtonic: “We are never using the term spiritual successor again”

The Yooka-Laylee studio on avoiding the comparisons to Donkey Kong Country

By Christopher Dring

Keanu Reeves: "Games don't need legitimising"

Cyberpunk star praises the impact of games on performance capture, dismisses the notion that they need celebrity endorsement

By James Batchelor

83% of gamers potentially interested in streaming services

But 20% of people surveyed have broadband that would struggle to meet Stadia's minimum requirements

By James Batchelor

Nintendo "evaluating" streaming, but focused on physical and downloads

Don't expect Switch to have its own Stadia-style service any time soon

By James Batchelor

AppOnBoard acquires BuildBox

Mobile app platform picks up game studio to partner on no-code initiatives

Guerilla lead producer Patrick Munnik dies at 44

Eight years with the company included work on Killzone: Shadow Fall and Horizon: Zero Dawn

By Rebekah Valentine

Stardock reveals Cider Cloud engine

CEO Brad Wardell: "Our goal is to be able to design games that just aren't possible today"

By Rebekah Valentine

Sea of Thieves reaches 8.4m lifetime players

Since its anniversary update in late April, Rare's pirate adventure has seen 2m users

By Rebekah Valentine

Square Enix subscription service would focus on classic titles

CEO Yosuke Matsuda: "We don't know what form it might take, but we want to leverage our catalog"

By Rebekah Valentine

Only 17% of E3 games are non-violent study found major publishers are behind less than half of all combat-free titles in Los Angeles

By James Batchelor

Human Fall Flat developer opens Tenerife's first games studio

No Brakes' Sitara Shefta on the benefits for an island developer beyond just sun and ice cream (but also, there's sun and ice cream)

By James Batchelor

Against Gravity raises $24m for VR development

Rec Room studio continues working on ways to connect users in shared VR spaces

By Rebekah Valentine

Epic acquires social platform Houseparty

New subsidiary is dedicated to "bringing empathy to online communication"

Nintendo: Animal Crossing delay means avoiding crunch

Doug Bowser says Nintendo will delay games to ensure "employees have good work-life balance"

By Matthew Handrahan

Ooblets will now be self-published on Xbox One and PC

Co-creator Rebecca Cordingley says change will have no material effect on game

By Rebekah Valentine

Phil Spencer: "It would be nice to buy a Japanese studio"

The head of Xbox on Game Pass, the impact of streaming, and why he's not afraid of Google

By Christopher Dring

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