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Discover just how "Denki" you are.

Dundee, Scotland. January 21st, 2009. DenkiOrNot.com, Denki’s awesome online web challenge, has borne its first fruit. David Thomson IS definitely Denki – and he has the certificate to prove it.

DenkiOrNot.com was launched in December 2008. The online game allows visitors to discover exactly how ‘Denki’ they are. High scorers are encouraged to apply for one of the coveted positions within the company.

Denki today confirmed that David Thomson – a veteran of the games industry fun wars at Slam and The Games Kitchen – has aced the test (10/10 with no cheating) and joined Denki as its Number One Fan.

As Number One Fan, David’s responsibilities will be to make sure that everyone in the world knows about Denki and its games and – wherever possible – loves them dearly.

“Denki’s committed to creating a new generation of original games. I want the world to know all about them and to understand why The Denki Difference is so important – and so special,” says David Thomson. “Not just for Denki, but for games in general. I’m already knee-deep in social networks, and I can barely move for new ways to keep people up to date with our latest plans and imaginings.”

“How awesome to land our first certified Denki person,” says Gary ‘Gaz’ Penn, Denki’s top Creative Boffin and Official Games Legend. “We need people with that spark, that sense of fun which is part of The Denki Difference and makes us so... Denki. This shows that DenkiOrNot.com isn’t just a gimmick – it’s a completely valid process to help us discover the genuinely talented and lovely. I still need coders and artists to join me on our new projects. I know there are many more Denki people out there just waiting to be discovered and join the gang.”

Find out if YOU are Denki or not by visiting www.denkiornot.com.


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About Denki

At Denki, we make toys to help you squeeze more fun from every day.

We all know the feeling – even at our busiest, our lives are littered with those odd moments where we’re bored or waiting around. Wouldn’t it be great if we could use those times to give ourselves a lift? Stretch our minds a little? Have some fun?

That’s precisely what we do: build the best toys to brighten your day and lighten your mood. Toys to make you think; toys to make you smile. Bright toys for bright people. Toys like those in Denki Blocks! and Quarrel.

We’re on a mission to brighten the world, and we hope you like what we’re doing so much you’ll join in at www.denki.co.uk.


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