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Denki expansion

Dundee-based developer doubles office acreage.

Dundee, Scotland, February 16th, 2009. Denki, the Dundee-based digital toy company, has today, in its own inimitable fashion, cocked a snook at the global economic downturn and more than doubled its office space for ongoing expansion.

Denki has acquired a whole new floor within its current city-centre office. This provides the company with enough room for three healthy, growing development teams and a new awareness group. Furthermore, managing director Colin Anderson now has an office to rival that of international business moguls, such as Dr Eldon Tyrell, founder of the Tyrell Corporation.

“We’re thrilled to have all of this new space,” says Colin, silhouetted in the late afternoon sunshine, streaming into the billiards room in his new penthouse offices. “We’ve been very happy with our choice of headquarters for the last several years, but with the success of our current recruitment drive and ongoing expansion, we had to look seriously at larger premises.”

“Thankfully,” he continues, turning his gaze from the city skyline and snowy hills of Fife, towards the huge bank of CCTV monitors and weapons controls, “We were able to secure another storey within this fine building, giving us more than enough room for the new team members to join. Not to mention the underground bunker, pool and stables.”

Denki is currently recruiting through its unique DenkiOrNot online experience, which challenges visitors to identify the pictures which they consider the most ‘Denki’. Successful players are invited to submit their resumes, for the attention of Denki’s senior games boffin and official ‘games legend’, Gary Penn.

The company has two original new games in development and is on the lookout for more brains than a horde of starving zombies. The company’s new office space ensures that the rapidly expanding teams will be creating these new titles - and their TPS reports - in the total comfort of a five-star luxury spa. Safe from the threats of nuclear, chemical and biological warfare.

The company’s new Awareness team (or ‘A-Team’ as it’s known internally) is responsible for building Denki’s profile both internally and externally, making use of the full range of 21st century communication tools, social networks, online, mobile and even the odd press release.

“Our new projects are the first games to come through Denki’s patented Dragons’ Denki process, created using The Denki Difference, our own unique approach to design,” says Colin. “The games are already very Denki, we just need a few more people to help make them even Denkier. We look forward to welcoming our future team members to the new, capacious and well-armed Denki compound in the very near future.”

Find out if YOU are Denki or not by visiting www.denkiornot.com.


Notes For Editors

About Denki

At Denki, we make toys to help you squeeze more fun from every day.

We all know the feeling – even at our busiest, our lives are littered with those odd moments where we’re bored or waiting around. Wouldn’t it be great if we could use those times to give ourselves a lift? Stretch our minds a little? Have some fun?

That’s precisely what we do: build the best toys to brighten your day and lighten your mood. Toys to make you think; toys to make you smile. Bright toys for bright people. Toys like those in Denki Blocks! and Quarrel.

We’re on a mission to brighten the world, and we hope you like what we’re doing so much you’ll join in at www.denki.co.uk.


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