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Denki Announces Carol Vorderman's Mind Aerobics

For Immediate Release:

Dundee, UK, March 6th 2007. Casual games specialist Denki today announced the creation of Carol Vorderman's Mind Aerobics, a unique new game for digital interactive television. Other versions are also available to access on your PC and Mobile

The game has been created to give players a way to exercise and keep their brain in peak condition, no matter what their age, education or experience with videogames.

Carol Vorderman's Mind Aerobics will be launched in March on Sky television's Gamestar service. This is the first time this type of game has been made available through digital interactive television.

The importance of keeping your mind active and alert has been recognised in the past twelve months, with many doctors and healthcare specialists recommending that people of all ages try puzzles, quizzes and other mental activities to keep their minds fit and healthy.

The game offers a combination of logic puzzles, spatial awareness, simple maths, memory and pattern matching puzzles. This helps to determine the player's Brain Fitness Index (BFI), which measures the brain's flexibility and all-round abilities - rather than a single aspect such as IQ - and displays it as a number between 1 - 100.

Once the player has started playing with the game, it will establish their starting BFI. By playing Carol Vorderman's Mind Aerobics, once a day, the player can expect over time, to improve their BFI rating by around 20 points.

Each session takes around 10 minutes to complete and provides a series of mini tasks covering many different areas of mind aerobics.

As the player's BFI improves and they move up a level, the game recognises and rewards their achievements, then offers new challenges to ensure the player's brain is constantly stimulated and offered fresh new activities and tasks.

Colin Anderson, Managing Director of Denki, says, "Games are often criticised for being brainless and violent, yet the latest research shows that playing games which encourage mental stimulation can be very beneficial. From the very beginning, Denki's philosophy has been to create the best digital toys and games, to encourage fun, learning and prove that there's more to gaming than explosions and guns. We are delighted to be involved in the creation of Carol Vorderman's Mind Aerobics and believe it will encourage people who have never tried a game to give gaming a go. I'm sure they will be pleasantly surprised."#

Andy Nuttall, Head of PC Games at Sky, agrees "With versions for PC and mobile as well as Sky television, Carol Vorderman's Mind Aerobics offers a way for everyone, no matter what age, level of education, gender or feelings about 'videogames' to relax, take time for themselves and keep their mind healthy, stimulated and active."

Carol Vorderman said, "Denki have done a great job of bringing the benefits of Mind Aerobics to interactive viewers."

Carol Vorderman's Mind Aerobics will be available on Sky Television's Gamestar service in March 2007 and via your PC and mobile:

About Mind Aerobics

Sky TV - Press interactive on your Sky remote and go to GameStar

75p pay2play, £1.00 for a 2-day pass

PC/Online - simply go to www.sky.com/carol

One-off £11.95 payment for a year of unlimited plays

Mobile - text GO CAROLV to 85080 (standard operator network rate)

£5 one off fee (payable by mobile bill)

Mind Aerobics is a registered trade mark of BSkyB Ltd.

About Denki

Denki is different: an established computer game company that relishes working within the exciting new medium of Interactive Television and finds the restrictions it places on content creators challenging rather than limiting. Denki has been at the forefront of new media games development for over 7 years and are now Sky Television's principal games supplier. Having firmly established itself as a leader in this emerging field Denki is again investigating new markets where its particular brand of interactive entertainment will prove successful.

About Sky

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