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Reckons to automatically make demo versions of your Java games.

JoyBits is proud to announce its new know-how: automated system of generation of demo versions – DemoGenerator which allows you to make demo versions of your mobile games in a few minutes without using source codes!

“Try & buy system is a very effective mobile marketing tool now days. The opportunity of trying something before buying it raises the interest of customers and increases their confidence in developer. Besides it’s a good advertising platform not only for game developer but also for content providers and advertisers,” says Sergio Manucharian, Head of Sales at JoyBits Ltd. As to game industry so demo versions already became its essential part.

DemoGenerator is a unique utility that can make a demo for any Java-game. The program sets any time limits you like to demonstrate the game. When time is up the app suggests a few types of buying a game:

- you can buy it at the moment;

- you can view other games by following the link.

Moreover your logo, trademark or any other useful or advertising information can be installed in that demo.

To make a demo version only JAD/JAR files of the game are needed. The application analyses all the game files depending on different characteristics: MIDP version, JSRs, screen size and so on. After this stage the game files are converted under the set parameters (such as time limit, number of messages, background and many others). The functionality of the game isn’t broken, it’s just made limited in time.

Let's view an example of using DemoGenerator to make demo versions intended for sending Premium SMS to buy full versions. The procedure is following:

The user downloads a demo version and begins to play. After a time a message on the screen appears offering to buy a full version via Premium SMS. The game code, short number and price are also shown. The user may press Send button – the corresponding Premium SMS will be sent and the user will get the full version. He also may press the Play button and continue to play. In that case after a while the second message appears and offers to buy the full version. The user may buy it or continue to play. When the last message appears there are also two ways: to buy the full version or to quit the game.

In conclusion let us list the main merits of DemoGenerator:

- any additional information such as logo, web links, promo texts may be added to a demo;

- you may determine the total time of playing the game for free and the time intervals between messages offering to buy the game;

- variable parameters such as price of the game, Premium SMS number, game code (or any text that has to be included into SMS), web link to other games are included into jad file (and manifest file also) – so you can change the values of these parameters at any time without making a new demo;

- phones characteristics analysis ensures the efficiency of demos for all the supported mobile devices.

“From the technical point of view DemoGenerator represents a wrapper for the source midlet which controls its time of working in background mode,” reviews Anton Rybakov, Founder and CEO of JoyBits. “Our wide experience in development of Java games and applications allows us to use this technology to create wrappers of any complexity which can extend functionality and possibilities of source midlets. I mean subsidiary applications for advertising, systems of statistics gathering, informational services etc. I would call our technology know-how. Only few companies in the world do something like this and we hope to fill this want”.

If you have any questions concerning boundless opportunities of DemoGenerator please feel free to contact us: sergio@joybits.org


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