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Fantasy MMORPG with the emphasis on action and a scenario featured in books and comics.

Dekaron, Extreme Action Online game, is a middle-age fantasy atmospheric MMORPG developed by GameHigh Inc. The game takes its place in Trieste, and fascinating visual graphics and 7 characters were designed to let users feel the striking sensation and speedy action in online game, which forms an attractive fantasy world. With its surpassing worldview and scenario, Dekaron has been published as novel and comics, which are also popular. Dekaron was awarded as the game of the month in June of 2005, and is currently running official service in Japan, China, Taiwan, North America, Europe and Southeastern Asia.



Developer : GameHi

Publisher : GameHi


TARGET : 2~30s Gamers (MALE)

SERVICE TYPE : F2P, Microtransaction

SERVICE AREA : Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan, USA

Special Features : Realistic Impact sensation,

Best graphic quality available for Low-end users,

Unique contents, such as siege war and Dead Front

Special Features of Dekaron

1. Embodiment of realistic and delicate battle system

Unlike other MMORPGs’ dull battle system, Dekaron provides realistic battles to users by designing motions based on physics laws. With this unique feature, users will be able to see that the monsters and enemies will either fly off or fall down, based on their attack’s strength. Also, users can launch a series of attack as they push away their opponent, which will make the battle even more realistic.

2. Simple Interface

The game has a simple and straight user-interface, which prevents users from being confused.

3. Increase of Artificial intelligence

The game’s reality is increased by the elevation of monsters and NPCs’ artificial intelligence.

4. Delicate and fascinating graphic

Dekaron’s original 3D engine, “Charon”, embodies a realistic and splendid graphic that is unique from other online games.

5. Unique skill system

Dekaron embodies combination and various effects by its unique system that is represented by evolution and growth.

6. Provision of organized community system

Based on party, guild and quests, Dekaron supports the formation of various relationships between users through a structured community system.

7. Embodiment of massive-sized warfare and siege war system

The massive sized warfare and guild wars are embodied to let users feel the original action quality of Dekaron.

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