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After three months of searching for the UK's top DEFCON gaming experts, the DEFCON amBX-enabled Grand Final was held on Saturday 1st September in the impressive new Omega Sektor gaming centre. Thirty of the best DEFCON players from IGUK centres based around the UK ventured to Birmingham to compete for a jackpot of prizes worth up to £10,000, including a 50" Philips plasma screen TV.

Each finalist took part in a series of matches throughout the day, using different DEFCON game modes to test their overall expertise at nuclear warfare strategy.

"The tournament was deliberately designed to test a player's overall competence at DEFCON," said Chris Delay, the creative brains behind the game. "Speed DEFCON requires a very different set of skills compared to a full 45-minute game. You have to react a lot faster, think on your feet and it's great for seeing which players can handle the pressure best!"

The whole tournament final was supported by Philips amBX PC Gaming Peripherals. amBX was also used to drive the lighting effects throughout the centre, creating a chilling atmosphere of suspense and impending doom in combination with the melancholic DEFCON soundtrack.

The six finalists with the highest aggregate scores from their matches were then chosen to compete in the final. The final was a tense affair requiring an extremely skilful use (and abuse) of diplomacy. The eventual winner, Abdul Mojid, 15 years old, had demonstrated with ease his ability to betray the rest of the team in earlier matches as he swept his way to final victory.

Mojid was delighted with his winnings, which included a whole host of goodies including a 50" Philips plasma screen TV, Premium Philips amBX PC Gaming Peripherals kit, Logitech keyboard, mouse and speakers. The rest of the 30 finalists didn't go home empty-handed for their endeavours either, as all finalists received an Introversion goodie bag, complete with MP3 player, t-shirts, Introversion's back catalogue and much more.

The day's events were recorded by HEXUS TV. For access to photos and information about where to obtain videos of the day please contact Mark Morris of Introversion Software: mark@introversion.co.uk.

About Introversion

Heralded as 'the last of the bedroom programmers', Introversion Software is one of the UK's most-respected and successful independent game developers and publishers. Founded in 2001 by three university students, and starting out with an initial personal investment of just £600, Introversion went on to produce three critically acclaimed titles; Uplink, Darwinia and DEFCON. Their second title Darwinia was awarded three prizes at the 2006 Independent Games Festival Awards, including the Seumas McNally grand prize, and Introversion was recently voted one of the top 50 Best Games Companies in the world.

For more information on all of Introversion's projects please visit www.introversion.co.uk.


DEFCON is an online, multiplayer strategy game simulating global thermonuclear warfare. The game, inspired by the 1983 cult-classic film Wargames, superbly evokes the tension, paranoia and suspicion surrounding the Cold War era.

About amBX

Shorthand for 'ambient experiences', amBX revolutionises the gameplay experience by extending the gaming world out of the screen and into the real world. amBX delivers a full 'sensory surround experience' by equipping game developers with a tool box to use light, colour, sound and even air flow through enabled devices, including LED colour-controlled lighting, rumble peripherals and desktop fans.

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