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Dave Perry plans OnLive competitor

Acclaim creative officer enters the race to provide streaming games

Dave Perry, chief creative officer at Acclaim, has unveiled plans to release a videogame streaming service, saying he was prompted to make the announcement early due to OnLive's debut at GDC this week.

Speaking to VentureBeat, Perry says his solution to streaming games could be better than that of OnLive, which has been in development for seven years.

"I was going to reveal it at [the E3 trade show], but the OnLive news has forced my hand," Perry admitted.

Unveiled yesterday, OnLive is said to be able to delivered high-end games to a PC or TV irregardless of system requirements. The service works by relaying user controls and processing to a server and sending out the onscreen results as video. This is done through a broadband connection and software download.

Perry claims his service will be able to operate without the software and that only a broadband connection will be required. Patents for this new service have been filed, while Perry says he plans to seek investment to hire more programmers.

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