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Dark Nebula

Outbreak Studios to create second episode of iPhone action game.

GOTHENBURG, Sweden Peter Björklund, the CEO of Outbreak Studios announced today that they have signed up with 1337 Game Design to develop the second episode of the game Dark Nebula for the iPhone and iPod Touch. The first episode of Dark Nebula was released on Apple’s App Store just two weeks ago and has already become a bestseller in many countries. Some reviewers have even named it the best game released for the platform to date.

“At Outbreak Studios, passion and creativity is central in everything we do, and when we decide which projects to get involved in we only work with clients that share those values. We love what 1337 Game Design has done with the first episode, so we’re very excited to take things further with the sequel. We also prefer to work with projects where we are as close to the end consumer as possible, and Dark Nebula is perfect for that.” Peter says.

Dark Nebula was designed by Anders Hejdenberg, a game industry veteran who has worked with Peter Björklund on numerous games before.

“We’ve promised our fans to make the second episode much longer than the first one, and we’ve promised ourselves to make it just as fresh and exciting gameplay-wise. By signing up with Outbreak Studios we feel confident that both those promises will be kept. I think it goes without saying that we are extremely pleased with this collaboration.” Anders says.

The work on the second episode has already begun, and the title is planned to be released early next year. Before that, an update will be released for the first episode with Facebook-integrated highscores and a calibration option for the controls.


Dark Nebula - Episode Two logo: www.1337gamedesign.com/DarkNebulaEP2Logo.png

Outbreak Studios website: www.outbreakstudios.se

1337 Game Design website: www.1337gamedesign.com

About Dark Nebula

Dark Nebula is a skill-based action game where the objective is to get your player character through an array of levels filled with various obstacles. The controls are similar to marble labyrinth games but the levels are filled with elements and puzzles inspired by platform games where you need to jump over swinging blades, dodge spikes and avoid deadly falls.

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