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Dark Nebula

iPhone arcade game from Battlefield 2 lead designer Anders Hejdenberg.

A trailer for the game Dark Nebula was released today on Youtube, showing in-game footage of the title in action. The designer behind the game is game industry veteran Anders Hejdenberg, the lead designer of Battlefield 2: Modern Combat. This is yet another example of how the booming games market on the iPhone and iPod Touch is attracting talent from the console and PC games industry.

“The iPhone has always intrigued me as a gaming platform, both in terms of how you can interact with it as well as what it is capable of technically. So I felt quite compelled to try it out and see what we could do with it. It was a lot of fun to come up with a new game concept with a control mechanic that feels great on the device.” Anders says.

With just a year since the original launch of the App Store, many of the games are starting to reach the quality level and scope of similar titles on dedicated handheld gaming devices like the Nintendo DS and Sony PSP, but for just a fraction of the cost to the consumer.

“I was really impressed to see just how much the iPhone and iPod Touch are actually capable of. I think we’ve only seen the beginning here because as developers learn how to work with the platform they’ll be able to create some truly remarkable things compared to what we’ve seen so far.”

Dark Nebula has yet to be submitted to Apple, but it is likely to appear on the App Store towards the end of September this year. The game will be available for both iPhone and iPod Touch.


Game trailer: www.youtube.com/watch?v=ERLZ2CbD3EU&hd=1

Game page on Facebook: www.facebook.com/darknebulagame

Dark Nebula logo: www.1337gamedesign.com/DarkNebulaLogo.png


Contact e-mail: anders@1337gamedesign.com

Anders website: http://www.1337gamedesign.com/

About Dark Nebula:

Dark Nebula is a skill-based action game for the iPhone and iPod Touch developed by veterans from the console, PC and web game industries. The game will be released on the App store as a series of separate episodes, each sold at $0.99.

The first episode of Dark Nebula is roughly an hour long with ten action-packed levels that will have you bouncing, sliding, spinning and swerving all the way to the finish line.


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