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Cymon's Games

Website aiming to reintroduce the "joys" of type-in game listings.

A website that has been around for a while has just been redesigned. Cymon's Games brings together experienced game developers with hobbyists and beginner programmers. It's inspired by the model of the type-in programs of yester-year, when game listings were distributed in print on the pages of magazines. While at the time they were a method of distributing free games they had an effect that was far more reaching. Typing in these programs were a generation's introduction to programming and inspired many that have gone on to professional produce games today.

January 29, 2008 - If you like experimental games, or if you're interested in making games yourself Cymon's Games ( www.cymonsgames.com) has the resources and budding community for you. In days gone by it was not unusual for youthfull computer users to spend hours hunched over a keyboard entering cryptic passages from a magazine into a BASIC computer. These "type-ins" were more than a distribution channel for free games; they encouraged amateur and would be programmers to experiment with the stuff that games were made of. Cymon's Games employs the same model but for a modern environment. Cymon's Games brings together experienced game developers with hobbyists and beginner programmers.

Each week Cymon's Games features a different program, usually small and simple but that are fun to play. Programs featured on Cymon's Games come with their source code in C/C++ and its library is growing. Some look and play like classic type-in programs for the retro crowd. Others are more impressive featuring graphics and sound. Every program features an executable for those who only want to play the game, as well as a PDF with the code formatted for print to encourage visitors to actually look at the code.

Cymon's Games is always looking for new programs. If you are already a programmer Cymon's Games would like to feature your programs. The only limitation is that the code must be C/C++ and executable from just what can be typed in, no complex data files. Programs of any size and even multiple source files are okay.

For additional information on the news that is the subject of this release contact Joe Larson or visit www.cymonsgames.com.

About Cymon's Games

Cymon's Games is an independent site run by Joe Larson and hosted by Retro Remakes with the aim of encouraging readers to try coding by providing help, tutorials and type-in games for people to learn from.


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