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Cute Cloud

Tilt-controlled eco-adventure for the iPhone with a donation from each copy sold.

"Cute Cloud" is the first Ninja Fever title for the Apple's mobile platforms. From June 1st you can find it, just for $0'99, in the AppStore.

The world needs water. Drought, wildfires and environmental pollution are very serious problems in many places of the Earth. Who can give a hand better than a water-management expert? Help Nimby, a small and friendly cloud, to become a much larger cloud able to bring the maximum amount of water to the most needy places, helping them with its rain.

From this perspective, the Ninja Fever staff have taken advantage of the accelerometer and the touch screen of the Apple's devices to achieve a highly intuitive game without restrictions on age or gender of the players: you will lead Nimby in its adventure around the world just by tilting the device. Avoiding bigger clouds, and absorbing the smaller ones, you will get additional water. When you have enough water, you will be requested to reach a place on the planet that needs your help. Once you're there, you can tap the cloud with your finger to start raining and get to the next level.

The 27 stages shown in the game fall into three groups of nine real places on Earth where there have been major problems of drought, wildfires or high environmental pollution levels in recent years. The objective of this choice is to provide information about the areas of Earth where water is a bare necessity, and to educate people about its responsible use -a little lesson in geography never hurts either.

Ninja Fever gets involved in this awareness with the donation of the 10% of their profits of each 10.000 games sold to nonprofit organizations with environmental projects related to water. This way, each "Cute Cloud" player will give its small droplet of water to the cause, getting in exchange several hours of fun (with the chance of to play an "infinity" game mode to get the best survival score).

Cute Cloud iTunes link: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/cute-cloud/id372158604?mt=8

In addition to the usual video game trailer[1] Ninja Fever offers the exclusive recording of the hilarius making of "Cute Cloud"[2].



About Ninja Fever.

Ninja Fever is a fresh Spanish independent games development studio, born in September 2009 from the minds of three young entrepeneurs with a multidisciplinary professional background. Their goal is to develop innovative and funny games for the new online video game platforms.

They have already released two titles for the Microsoft Xbox Live Indie Games, "Dual Zone" and the advergaming "Avatar Fever: Capture The Spice", and are about to launch a third title for the same platform, that will feature 3D stereo techniques.

Contact Information.

For further information, you can visit Ninja Fever's website at http://www.ninjafever.com or contact via e-mail at info@ninjafever.com

You can also follow us on:

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/ninjafever

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/ninjafever

YouTube: www.youtube.com/user/ninjafeverteam

There's also a press kit with logos, screenshots and team and headquarter photos in the "Press" section of the company's webpage: http://www.ninjafever.com/press/


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